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Year 8 Health Relationships & Decision Making JEOPARDY.

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2 Year 8 Health Relationships & Decision Making JEOPARDY

3 RelationshipsSexting Decision Making Family Surprise 100 200 300 400 500

4 Relationships 100 Q: What makes a healthy relationship? A: A healthy relationship must be enjoyable for both people involved and needs to have trust and a balance in power.

5 A: Trust issues, jealousy, and sexual pressure Q: What are signs of a unhealthy relationship? Relationships

6 Relationships 300 A:Peers What is the main relationship in the life of the adolescent?

7 Relationships 400 A: An emotional association between two people. Q: Define relationships.

8 Relationships 500 Name 5 different types of relationships that an adolescence has. A: Can be any of the following- Parentscousinsteam mates Siblingsgrandparentscoach Friendsteachersboss Boyfired/girlfriendwork colleaguesaunts/uncles

9 Sexting 100 A: Sexting is the sending of provocative or sexual images or messages. Sexting can have serious social and legal consequences for students. Define sexting.

10 Sexting 200 A:Some teens do it for fun, to flirt, or to gain popularity, or in response to peer pressure, particularly within romantic relationships. Why do people sext?

11 Sexting 300 A: Ignorance to the future dangers, more trusting, and confident with technology Q: Why are adolescence more vulnerable and likely to sext?

12 Sexting 400 A: What website can you go to for help if you find yourself in a sexting situation?

13 Sexting 500 A: Can be any of the following- 1. To protect children who are in a less powerful position in society 2. It changes the way society views children and undermines the protections put in place for children 3. Consider that some teens may not be capable of making sound judgements about their sexual behaviour 4. The potential for some adults to intentionally exploit children and teens who are vulnerable. Why is sexting breaking the law?

14 Decision Making 100 A: As soon as you are aware of your own actions and their consequences. This can be as early as prep/primary school Q: At what age do people become responsible for making their own decisions?

15 Decision Making 200 A: The action or process of making important decisions. Define decision making.

16 Decision Making 300 A: Any of the following- Large influence of peer pressure Limited life experience The inability to make sound judgments Q: Why do some adolescence struggle with decision making?

17 Decision Making 400 A: Negative- JealousyLying UntrustworthyUnhappy Does not get on with other family & friends Cheating Q: How do you know if the relationship you are in is unhealthy? List 4 negative signs.

18 Decision Making 500 A: Positive- Happyenjoy time together Funlots in common Trust Get on with family & friends Q: How do you know if the relationship you are in is healthy? List 4 positive signs.

19 Family 100 A: families may span several generations, several households, and may change in response to life events such as divorce, remarriage, and children leaving the parental home. Q: Define family.

20 Family 200 A:False Q: True or false. Does family mean you must be related to the person?

21 Family 300 A: Caring, supporting, protecting, loving and providing Q: What are the general characteristics of a family? List 5

22 Family 400 Q: List 3 ways in which the traditional family is changing. A: 1. Mum’s are now less domesticated and also work and contribute to providing for the family 2. People having children a lot older and have less children nowadays 3. People live at home a lot longer 4. IVF is more effective and common 5. In some countries it is now legal for gay people to marry and create their own family

23 Family 500 A: Nuclear- Traditional (married parents) Blended- Step brothers and sisters Single parent Extended family- grandparents/cousins Foster family- Made up of children from foster care Q: List 3 different types of families.

24 Surprise 100 A: Unhealthy. Q: Is this a healthy or unhealthy relationship? Kate and Ben have been together for 4 months. They mainly see each other at school and are quite busy after school with sports so don’t get a lot of alone time together. Instead Ben and Kate constantly snap chat each other when they cant be together. Sometimes George sends half naked photos of him just as he exits the shower or lying in bed at night. Kate doesn’t know if she is expected to send the same back or not. She is unsure but doesn’t want to be a loser or want Ben to break up with her so she sends back half naked photos of herself too.

25 Surprise 200 A: True If the image is used for other purposes than the person desired. Q: Is sexting a form of bullying? True or false and why.

26 Surprise 300 A. Kids Help Line Q: Name an organization aimed towards children and adolescence that can help if you find your self in an unhealthy relationship, or can help with any other issues you may be facing.

27 Surprise 400 A: Healthy Q:Is this a healthy or unhealthy relationship? Jen and George have only just started going out. They always have heaps of fun together and are essentially best friends. They get on great with each other’s friends and families and like to do a lot of things with friends so they don’t always just hang out alone. Jen and George feel they could talk to each other in person about anything and have a lot of confidence in one another so they know that what they tell each other won’t be shared around to the rest of the world.

28 Surprise 500 A: A family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships. Q: Define blended family.

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