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Mr C Johnston ICT Teacher G041: How Organisations Use ICT Introduction To The Unit.

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1 Mr C Johnston ICT Teacher G041: How Organisations Use ICT Introduction To The Unit

2 Session Objectives Know what the unit is about Understand what we need to learn Understand how the unit is assessed Details of how the unit is structured Details of teaching methods to be used

3 About The Unit This unit will help you to: Understand how organisations are structured; Understand how organisations use and exchange information; Evaluate how well ICT can and does help organisations; Consider how ICT supports many different activities in organisations; See how ICT offers new opportunities.

4 Topics Covered In this unit you will learn about: Types of organisation; Functions within organisations; Information and its use; ICT systems; The impact of ICT on working practices; The impact of ICT on methods of production; Legislation.

5 Assessment You will spend approx 10 hours preparing a pre-release based upon the sessions scenario which is taken into the examination to assist you. The pre-release will contain 3 tasks to complete: Task 1: General notes to help you answer section A of the exam Task 2: Information Flow Diagram Task 3: 500 Word Report on a given topic Task 1 carries no marks but will assist you if done properly to answer of section A of the exam, Task 2 and 3 are marked by the examiner and contribute a total of 30 marks towards your final grade (approx 15 each) There is a Section B in the exam (normally last two questions) which will be questions not related to the pre- release. This is worth 20 of the 100 marks.

6 The Schedule We will cover a theory topic a lesson for the next few sessions, The pre-release material will then be available – you will have 2 weeks of all ICT lesson sessions to do this (approx 10 hours), Past paper questions and answers will be available during the Christmas break and in the time leading up to the exam, Exam techniques will also be looked at.

7 Support Each topic will have written materials which you can annotate, Exercises which reinforce learning for each topic will be set and answers given when complete, Photocopied resources from text books for each topic will given – read these and highlight important points don’t just put them in your folder!! References to further reading may also be given for each topic, All resources are available from my website: Past papers will be provided in order for you to prepare for the exam, Make sure you keep your folder in order – checks will be made!

8 Expectations You are expected to: Make you own notes during each topics lecture – my notes may not cover everything I say. Complete each topics exercise by the required session, Complete the recommended reading set for each topic by the next session, Download the notes and complete the exercises for any sessions you miss.

9 Topic Exercise Read the unit specification which will be given to you by your teacher, Using the specification to help try and workout which key topics will be covered during the unit..

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