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CENTRAL TEXAS SECTION OF THE IEEE 2012 Spring Planning Meeting JANUARY 28, 2012 San Marcos Kenny Rice, Chair.

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1 CENTRAL TEXAS SECTION OF THE IEEE 2012 Spring Planning Meeting JANUARY 28, 2012 San Marcos Kenny Rice, Chair

2 Sometimes IEEE is overwhelming

3 Spring 2012 Meeting Agenda 08:30Registration 08:45Welcome – Chairman 09:00Vice Chairs 09:05Secretary 09:10Analog 09:15Webmaster and Awards 09:20 Conferences 09:30 K-12 09:40 Student activities 09:50Gold – San Antonio/Austin 09:55Membership Development 10:00Special Guest Speaker - Eric Kincaid, IEEE Computer Society 10:10CTS ExCom Items – New IEEE Social Media Policy 10:15Treasurer 10:30Break

4 Meeting Agenda - Chapters 10:50Antennas & Propagation & Microwave Theory & Techniques (AP/MMT) Circuits & System / Solid State (CAS/SSC) Communications / Signal Processing (ComSoc/SP) - Austin Communications / Signal Processing (ComSoc/SP) - San Antonio Computer (C16) – Austin Computer (C16) – San Antonio CMPT Austin Consultants Network Education (E25) Electromagnetic Compatibility Electron Devices (ED15) 11:45 Lunch Instrument & Measurement (I&M) Life Member – San Antonio Systems Men & Cyber (SMC28) Photonics Power & Energy – Austin Power & Energy – San Antonio Product Safety Technology Management (TM14) – San Antonio Technology Management (TM14) – Austin Women in Engineering 13:25Break

5 Meeting Agenda – Student Chapters 13:40St Mary’s 13:50 Trinity 14:00 Texas State – San Marcos 14:10 UT – Austin 14:20UT – San Antonio 14:30Wrap up 14:40Adjourn

6 IEEE Central Texas Section Outline Officers and Committee Parliamentary Procedure Special Interest Items Strategic Planning Thanks

7 IEEE Central Texas Section 2012-2013 Officers Vice-chairman Austin – Ina Angeles Vice-chairman SA – Ron Seaman Secretary – Zhuo Li Treasurer – Don Drumtra

8 IEEE Central Texas Section Committee Members Analog – John Purvis Awards – Clif Denny Conferences – Thuy Dao Educational Activities – Electronic Communications – Joe Redfield K-12 – Albert Lozano Membership Development – Joe Redfield Nominations - Tom Grim PACE – Gerald Garcia Student Activities – Ron Seaman Webmaster – Clif Denny By Laws - Scott Atkinson

9 IEEE Central Texas Section Parliamentary Procedure Facilitate transaction of business All members have equal rights Majority decides Minority rights protected Full & free discussion of every issue Only one question at a time Members have the right to know the question at any time Only speak when recognized by the Chair, and then only to the chair Chair must be impartial

10 IEEE Central Texas Section Vision Service to the members: Membership upgrade Fellows program New chapters Section support for conferences Networking opportunities Expansion of student programs

11 IEEE Central Texas Section Special Interest Items GOLD – San Antonio and Austin WIE – promote more involvment TCON with Society leadership No surprises, please

12 IEEE Central Texas Section Strategic Plan 2002/2003 Strategic Plan modified 8/8/09 Vision: be the society of choice for the electro technical & other associated professionals in central Texas Mission: serve the electro technology community through service to our members in central Texas

13 IEEE Central Texas Section Strategic Plan (cont) Goals: 1. Maintain the existing working programs in central Texas 2. Increase member participation in local society activities 3. Foster member participation in local workshop & conferences 4. Improve professional growth opportunities 5. Increase corporate participation and awareness

14 IEEE Central Texas Section Region 5 Goals Goals: 1.Review Strategic Plan and harmonize with Region 5 plan 2.Bring Section governance document in line with new Member and Geographic Activities guidance 3.Turn Bylaws into Addendum

15 IEEE Central Texas Section Some Interesting Rules $ = IEEE $ Chapter support = $200 + $75 Society-provided $ are for the chapter meeting expenses Chapters may..... plan conferences and workshops, but CTS must be involved

16 IEEE Central Texas Section My Guidance Please no separate bank accounts Please try to operate within your budget, but let me know if you need additional $ Paying volunteers or independent contractors requires approval by IEEE in New Jersey. CTS cannot approve Please fully document conference agreements with MOA's (with CTS signatures), including budgets, details for cost sharing, penalties, liabilitie s

17 IEEE Central Texas Section Chairman's Thoughts on CTS Finances Relatively healthy financial state, but generating income is needed IEEE is evaluating Sections for assessment to pay for STAFF pensions. Society mini conferences are a good thing Section and chapters need to promote CTS as a conference location NO TRAVEL APPROVED UNTIL A TRAVEL REQUEST WITH ESTIMATED COST IS SUBMIT AND APPROVED BY THE SECTION CHAIR


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