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Laura Strappini a.a 2005/2006 Introduction History Organisation/Leadership Mission Services Conclusion.

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2 Laura Strappini a.a 2005/2006


4 Introduction History Organisation/Leadership Mission Services Conclusion

5 We try to analyse two of the bigger and most important banks of Italy:Banca delle Marche and Unicredit Banca. How were they born? How and where did they develop? How do they try to increase the number of customers and so their turnover? We try to answer analysing the information that they give us from the birth till today.

6 Banca delle Marche was set up in 1994 and resulted from the merger of Cassa di Risparmio di Pesaro, di Macerata and di Jesi, three savings bank counting each on more than 150 years of activity in their respective areas. Ever since its foundation, the Bank has aimed at being the main bank for the Region and to expand beyond its boundaries. In a period of dramatic changes in society, Banca delle Marche grew, consolidated its role, took up new challenges and supported not only economic initiatives but also cultural and social events in the Marche region.

7 UniCredit was born out of the union of seven great Italian banks, each with deep roots in its local economy. The Groups vitality comes from this amalgamation of different businesses, while preserving the distinctive local character of each, and from its further expansion outside Italy. In 1998 Credito Italiano, based in Milan, and Rolo Banca 1473 of Bologna (which together formed the Credito Italiano Group) joined up with a group of regional savings banks, viz. Cariverona (Verona, Vicenza, Belluno and Ancona), CRT (Turin) and Cassamarca (Treviso), to form the UniCredito Italiano Group.

8 In 1999 Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto and Cassa di Risparmio di Trieste joined the Group. In the same year UniCredit began building a network of subsidiaries in the countries of central and eastern Europe now known as New Europe. In 2000, the US fund manager Pioneer of Boston was acquired and Pioneer Global Asset Management was created to include the Groups existing asset management arm. Afterwards, the largest Croatian bank, Zagrebacka Banka, and Demirbank in Romania joined the UniCredit Group.

9 In 2001 it launched the S3 (3 Segments) Project, under which the Group was reorganized with the formation of four Divisions, viz.: Retail, Corporate, Private Banking and Asset Management, and New Europe. In 2004 a fifth Division was formed, known as Global Banking Services, which is responsible for the optimization of cost structures and the Groups internal processes by bringing about further synergy and cost savings.

10 Banca delle Marche currently has 240 branches and a web of Financial Promoters and Private Bankers in Marche, Umbria, Emilia, Romagna, Lazio, Abruzzo, and over 2.400 employees, serving 200.000 customers. In spite of its present dimension, the Bank has always maintained a close relationship with its territory: branches are governed by four Regional Headquarters located in Jesi, Macerata, Pesaro and Roma: this enables the branches to understand and promptly meet the customers requirements. The Head Office of Banca delle Marche defines strategic lines only and therefore has a limited number of staff.

11 Branches

12 It is developed in 19 countries through over 7000 branches with around 140000 employees and serving 28 million customers. It has a very articulate structure, compared to Banca delle Marche. Here we have an organ gram that shows us how it is organized:from the Board of Director to the each division.


14 Banca delle Marche's objectives are: Confirm its position as promoter of the region's economy and acquire a leading role in Central Italy; Focus on the relationship with its clientele, through multichannels and quality care; Create value for the Marche region, by supporting local initiatives; Be the reference Bank for SMEs, which are the backbone of the Region's economy.

15 It is one of Europes leading financial groups, it is proud of its geographical root heritages which is the foundation of common identity. It commits itself passionately to create a new way of banking by constantly thriving to serve the clients with innovative solutions. Its reputation is built on trust, accountability for results and quality in its businesses. Its set of values is based on integrity as sustainability condition, which makes it possible to transform profit into value for its stakeholders

16 The Banca delle Marche responds to its clientele's needs by offering innovative products and services designed for busy people, whether at home or in the workplace. Companies Families

17 It is divided in many sections to provide a different range of services: Retail division provides services for households, professional people and small businesses Private Banking & AM Division deals with the Italian and foreign structures devoted to the Private Banking and the development of services of management of the investments, both to benefit of the networks of distribution of the GROUP and in by autonomous toward third parts Corporate/SME's Division deals with companies, credit institutions and foreign branches supplying financial services and instruments to medium and large sized companies and to government agencies.

18 Basic products payments, collection, cash management, credit and charge cards High value added products e-commerce, proprietary integrated circuit (smart) cards, structured deposits, reconciliation services (invoices/payments), domestic and international cash pooling.

19 Internet Banking (inBank) is the Banca delle Marche's remote bank for families, for small businessmen, for companies.You can always access all of the information on your own checking account and send orders with freedom, more rapidly, and practically, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in total safety;mainly wherever we are. eCommerce you can always count on a reliable partner who knows how to help you to expand your business on the web. Its a service that lets you shop through the web with maximum simplicity and safety, without having to register. Service abroad a series of services to broaden or instill foreign commercial relationships, safely and profitably. TRADITIONAL SERVICES CORPORATE FINANCE GLOBAL NET AND PROMOTION SUPPORT SERVICES FOR THE INTERNATIONALISATION PROCESS EURO CREDIT INSURANCE OPERATIONS IN GOLD AND SILVER Industrial survey The Banca delle Marche constantly monitors the economic trend and the evolution of the most important industrial sectors; the result of this monitoring activity is a document containing a synthesis of the economic situation, both at a national and regional level, highlighting the economic trend.

20 Internet Banking (inBank) is the Banca delle Marche's remote bank for families, for small businessmen, for companies. You can always access all of the information on own checking account and send orders with freedom, more rapidly, and practically, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in total safety;mainly wherever we are. Bancoticket you can buy tickets for the most important sports, cultural and theatrical events organized in the Marche region and surrounding areas, at all of the BdM branch offices, and coming soon in internet. Ex: Rossini Opera Festival Arena Sferisterio di Macerata Musicultura di Recanati Teatro Antico di Urbisaglia Lube Banca Marche Volley Macerata Ancona calcio New Home Loans Every Banca delle Marche loan has its own unique personality made up of unique characteristics. With the added feature of being designed to respond to everyone's needs. FIXED RATE LOAN. For fixed installments. VARIABLE RATE LOAN. In step with time. MIXED RATE LOAN. Stop & Go. NEITHER FIXED NOR VARIABLE. Just the Best. Buying a Home It offers non-resident accounts to foreign customers who have an interest in our area, such as a new property, or relatives or usually come for holidays etc. Financial Products

21 These important banks are continually in competition to obtain the leadership in the world (providing quality,safetly services and products for companies and people): Banca delle Marche wants to reach this encouraging the development of the Marche Region; Unicredit Banca instead is addressed out of the national boundaries, look to the New Europe (the Eastern Europe)

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