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Effective Teamwork Team Building

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1 Effective Teamwork Team Building
Work in a Team Effective Teamwork Team Building Work in a Team

2 TEAM The four letters of the word TEAM best explains the benefits of teamwork: T=Together E=Each A=Achieves M=More Work in a Team

3 Introduction What is a team? What is a team work? Work in a Team

4 Definitions What is a team?
A group of people who are united in working towards a common goal. A common goal is a statement that is agreed upon by the team. It provides direction and should offer a challenge that is achievable by the team. What is teamwork? The ability of people to provide complementary skills, a willingness to share knowledge and skills and assist other team members to achieve a common goal Work in a Team

5 Cont. What is effective teamwork?
All team members having a sound knowledge of their job and responsibilities as well as those of other team members. Commitment and co-operation to achieve team goals Open communication channels Recognising everyone in the team is important Work in a Team

6 TEAMWORK Working together to achieve common goal
Everyone has to ‘play the game’ to win Everyone in the team is important. Communication is essential for team to succeed. Good group cohesiveness (well-integrated, unified) Rest and Recreation Work in a Team

FOR EMPLOYEES Tasks are completed more quickly Greater job satisfaction Work is often more enjoyable – happier workplace Ability to draw on other peoples’ experiences and ideas – getting support in the workplace FOR EMPLOYER Improved production and higher staff morale Reduced staff turnover Increased profits and product quality FOR CUSTOMERS Better products and customer service Work in a Team

Positive Attitude from all team members Tolerance, Honesty and Respect Co-Operation Commitment and dedication Trust & Support for each team member Recognition of realistic team goals Effective communication skills Team members take pride in the team’s achievements and accept credit as a group rather than as individuals Readiness to meet the needs of other team members A willingness to participate as a Team Member – planning and organising daily, weekly or monthly tasks Sense of humour Work in a Team

9 The qualities of a team the qualities that would help make a team successful People listen to each other. People share ideas. People respect each other's differences. People use time effectively. Problems are solved together. People communicate with each other. People make decisions together. People help each other. Work in a Team

10 Your role (as a supervisor)in a Team
Acknowledge individual skills and knowledge Encourage all team members to contribute ideas Listen to team members Include all team members in activities Criticise the results not the person Be constructive when criticising Offer help Reward achievements – both individual and team Take responsibility for designated tasks Encourage team ownership – all working for the one goal Work in a Team

The highest level of achievement is attained when a team is committed to a task and full use is made of each team member’s talents. Individual participation in a team depends on the following elements: Tolerance Acceptance of other, sharing a common goal, and respecting the views of others in how to achieve that goal. Honesty Establishing trust in a team requires open and honest communication. Work in a Team

12 Cont. Commitment and dedication
Teamwork involves interaction of all players Interacting team members, each member must complete a task in order that the other member may successfully perform their assigned task. Restaurants employees, room attendants, porters and front office staff are examples of interacting groups. Work in a Team

13 cont. Flexibility To be willing to accept duties not normally in your job description, to assist team members to achieve a common goal. Work in a Team

Cooperation has many benefits: It builds an awareness of interdependence When people cooperate to achieve common goals they stimulate each other to higher levels of accomplishment. It builds and reinforces recognition and mutual support within a team. It leads to commitment to the establishment’s goal. Work in a Team

To encourage teamwork, we should treat others as we would like them to treat us. Some things we could do to encourage trust are: Smile at the person you are working with. Look them in the eye. Listen to them. Shake their hand. Include them in your activities. Find interests that you have in common. Cooperate with them. Criticise their ideas, not the person. Accept them for who they are. Offer them help. Look for common experiences. Encourage them. Work in a Team

16 TEAMWORK To be a good team member you must: Help other team members.
Inform other of change in routine. Ask for assistance when necessary. Use effective communication and interpersonal skills. Be willing to learn new skills and improve old ones. Work in a Team

17 Be honest, team members must be able to trust one another.
Cont. Be flexible in assisting other team members when they are busy and need help. Be honest, team members must be able to trust one another. Have a commitment to the goal and objectives of your team. Work in a Team

18 What type of differences could there be? Different cultural background
How can you recognise and accommodate cultural differences in your team? What type of differences could there be? Different cultural background Age/Gender You must understand the need for: Tolerance and respecting differences Adopting a sensitive approach when dealing with another point of view Constructively raising and discussing issues Work in a Team

19 Participating in staff training Adopting a professional attitude
Cont. Strategies to adopt when dealing with cultural differences in your team include: Participating in staff training Adopting a professional attitude Using staff cultural skills to enhance awareness Using a variety of different communication media Promoting cultural celebrations Celebrating differences Developing a tolerance of cultural difference Actively seeking to break down barriers Work in a Team

20 Advantage of working in a team
Quality of decision making is better Wider range of alternatives and opinions are considered More attitudes and experiences are shared A team has a greater capacity to evaluate ambiguous situations and promote unique ideas Several people are involved so new ideas are more easily accepted A greater sense of involvement produces better morale and motivation.

21 More time may be needed to reach a decision and take action
cont. Disadvantage: More time may be needed to reach a decision and take action There may be pressure to conform to team norms and attitudes There may be resistance to change if the team’s culture is negative A dominant person may influence the team’s decision-making There is more opportunity for conflict to emerge and continue It may be difficult to work out who is responsible for action

22 How can you identify team goals?
Analyse your team and their Purpose and aim Size Goals Large establishment will assist by having decided on the goal, mission and vision of the hotel Your team will then work towards achieving these goals This can be achieved by having regular team meetings Work in a Team

Discuss and resolve problems Share ideas Draw on other people’s knowledge Planning Sharing information relative to the department and the hotel Discussing information in relation to specific guests, for example, guest history Work in a Team

24 Time/Task Management within Teams
Task Management Prioritising Practicing good time management Negotiation Completion of tasks within a time frame Recognising individual and group needs Time Management Delegation Problem Solving Decision Making Work in a Team

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