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Marine Ecosystem: The Oceans

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1 Marine Ecosystem: The Oceans

2 Did you Know? The OCEAN covers almost ¾ of the Earth’s surface and holds both the largest animals and the smallest organisms on earth?


4 Marine Ecosystem Characteristics
Abiotic factors determine life in the ocean Temperature: As you get deeper, the temperature decreases Depth: Affects what organisms can live there Sunlight: How far the sun reaches affects life in ocean

5 Temperature Zones Surface Zone- warm top layer extending to 300 meters below sea level. Sun warms water & surface currents heat warm/cool waters Thermocline- 300 meters to 700 meters below sea level; here water temperature drops fastest with increasing depth Deep Zone- from base of thermocline to bottom of ocean Average Temperature= 2 Celsius


7 Intertidal Zone- “between tides” Ocean meets land; animals adapt the exposure of air and waves; snails, herons live here Neritic Zone- downward slope; warm water from sun; corals, sea turtles, fish, dolphins live here Oceanic Zone- sea floor drops sharply! Deep water of open ocean; plankton near surface, whales, shark, fish live here Benthic Zone- deepest, dark ocean; Very cold water/no sunlight reaches; Get food that is dropped or from thermal vents; crabs, worms, and animals adapted to darkness

8 Ocean Zones: p. 536 in textbook
Intertidal Zone:

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