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Body Image- Mind versus media

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1 Body Image- Mind versus media
Photo shopped perfection Body Image- Mind versus media By: Sommer Layman Realistic/Average women

2 What do you think body image is?
Body image - is the way you see yourself and imagine how you look Mostly effects women Definition retrieved from:

3 92% of girls are displeased with their body image
(Hair, Paleness, Hand/Feet size, eyes, ears, nose, shape, weight, legs, breast size, love handles) But why are girls so negative toward their body image?

4 Magazine severely alter pictures
Before After Magazine severely alter pictures

5 Before After


7 They create perfect/unrealistic women

8 What are magazines trying to do?
Promote beauty? Discover new fashion styles? Career paths? Create perfect women? Promote celebrities?

9 What magazines really do…
Negatively affect women’s moods Promote body dissatisfaction of average women Set unrealistic standards Create pressure to be perfect

10 Some important facts Tall, young, thin women are most accepted
Media is becoming less representative of average women Many women in magazines meet the criteria for anorexia Women's bodies are becoming heavier Thin ideal produced by media is unrealistic and impossible for most women to attain

11 So what is the problem? Simple, COMPARISON
Women internalize the images of celebrities seen in magazines and they compare themselves to those images When women fall short of those images they feel dissatisfied

12 How do we fix this problem?
Stop trying to perfect women, and incorporate average/realistic women into the media!

13 And don’t let society shape the way you see yourself…

14 Thanks for listening

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