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Unit 4 Management.

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1 Unit 4 Management

2 Want to be a Manager? Managers are responsible for the success and failure of a business. When business meets its goals the manager is praised and rewarded. When goals aren’t reached the manager is held accountable.

3 5 Functions of a Manager Planning Controlling Staffing Organizing
Implementing Staffing Organizing

4 Executives Mid-Managers Supervisors Work Team Leaders
Management Levels Executives Mid-Managers Supervisors Work Team Leaders

5 Management Levels Executives Mid-Managers Supervisors
Responsible for direction and success of entire business Most time is spent controlling and planning Examples include President, CEO, COO, CFO, Vice President. Mid-Managers Responsible for specific areas of a company’s operation. Most time is spent organizing, staffing, implementing Examples include IT, Marketing, HR, Customer service managers. Supervisors Responsible for the day-to-day work of employees Most time is spent implementing plans of mid managers Evaluate employees, solve problems ,make sure needed resources are available.

6 Management Styles Autocratic Dictates orders to their employees
Makes all decisions without input Assume people don’t like to work, avoid responsibility and need to be watched at all times.

7 Management Style Democratic
Delegates authority to his/her staff, giving them responsibility to complete the task given to them. Believe by giving workers more responsibility they’ll be more productive and creative. When making decisions a meeting is held and everyone's input is considered. New Ideas are encouraged.

8 Management Style Free-rein/Laissez-Faire
manager sets the tasks and gives staff complete freedom to complete the task Shows the most trust and confidence in workers Manager serves more of a coach and still makes the big decisions.

9 Preparing to Be a Leader
Study Leadership Books, classes, etc. Participate in Organizations and Activities Take charge of your club or team Observe Leaders Watch leaders in your school, community, in the news Work with a Mentor Ask a leader in your life to offer direction and feedback Practice at work Take initiative and demonstrate dependability

10 Importance of Human Relations
Human relations usually determines whether a manager is successful or not. The important human relation skills needed by managers: Self-Understanding Understanding others Communication Team Building Developing Job satisfaction

11 Importance of Human Relations
How would you describe the human relations at this factory?

12 Managers must have Influence
Effective managers must be able to influence team members especially in times of major disagreement in decision making.

13 Kinds of Influence Position Influence Reward Influence
Others do things because of the position a manager holds. Reward Influence Give or withhold something in order to get something done. Expert Influence Follow the guidance of a manager because of their special expertise Identity Influence Direction is followed because the manager is trusted and well

14 Ethical Behavior Ethics are the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group. Ethical Behavior involves every employee of the company not just executives and managers. Ethical behavior is made up of 2 parts: The actions of individuals/groups The results of those actions.

15 Standards of Ethical Behavior
It is Lawful It is consistent with company values and policies It does not harm some while benefiting others If the actions and results become public, will it embarrass the company

16 Ethical Management It is the managers duty to create and atmosphere in which all employees know they are expected to act ethically. To go along with the companies mission statement a statement of core values is also developed. McDonalds Most importantly managers must model ethical behavior in order to emphasize the importance of ethics.

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