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____Real- Deal.in____ Reliable | Efficient | Affordable | Luxurious.

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1 ____Real- Deal.in____ Reliable | Efficient | Affordable | Luxurious

2 Who We Are?? The company Real Deal Marketing was established with a vision of future in Energy Saving Devices, Remote control solutions and many more safety and Unique devices in India. Real Deal Marketing is totally focused on Research & Development, designing, Manufacturing, marketing and installing our products that cater to both domestic and industrial needs. We provide Best product, latest technology and promote after sales service to our valued customers or Distributors. All our products are covered with enough Warranty/Guarantee against any manufacturing / functional defect.

3 ____Real-Deal.in____ Reliable | Efficient | Affordable | Luxurious Universal Remote Device

4 As per our tagline we always try to prove that thing, that our products are on the mark of Reliable Efficient Affordable Luxurious :- Product’s Reliability  100% Shock Proof.  Long Life with 1 year Replacement Guarantee.  Safe for childrens- Easy to Use. Product’s Efficiency  Less wastage of Energy means energy Saving.  Operating Range of Remote Device is up to 15mtr.  You can operate more than one device with single remote.  Maximum load capacity of each channel is 225 watt.

5 Universal Remote Device Product’s Affordability  Our Product is very affordable, any segment of people/customer can buy this easily. Product’s Luxurious  Operate all electrical house hold equipments (light, fan, charger, TV, Domestic air cooler, mixer grinder etc…) on the ease of fingertips.  No need to go to electric board to operate buttons manually just relax comfortably and use your remote.  You can use the device as a status symbol by showing them to your friends/relatives.

6 Universal Remote Device Who can use this ?  Direct domestic customer  Hospitals  Interior Decorators  Educational Institutions  Commercial Establishments /Shops  Hotels & Resorts

7 Real Deal Marketing Our office Address: 44/406, 3 rd floor, Lucky Plaza, Malviya Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.) Near Chappan Bhog Pin: 462003 Phone: 0755-4242110 Mobile: 8962162022, 9754737662 Website: Email:

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