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Cooperative Work Lic. Josefina Bribiesca La Salle San Nicolás.

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1 Cooperative Work Lic. Josefina Bribiesca La Salle San Nicolás

2 What’s cooperative work? It´s a form of active learning where people work together to perform specific tasks in small groups

3 Cooperative work at school O Students must work together in groups to complete a structured task or goal O The task requires the participation of all members of the group O Students can learn from each other O Students are rewarded based on the success of the entire group as well as individual achievement

4 O There are five elements that define true cooperative work and learning in groups: O Face-to-face interaction O Positive interdependence O Individual accountability O Collaborative skills O Group processing Elements of cooperative work

5 How to make cooperative work effective? Teachers must: O Promote cooperative learning O Involve students on their task O Monitor students’ work O Explain students every task clearly O Demonstrate, practice, try O Give students effective feedback

6 Benefits O Effective manage and control class O Full participation O Students increase speaking time O Reduce time looking for volunteer to answer O Accelerate the learning process O Acquire new attitudes O Have fun and make the class motivating and exciting

7 How to form groups? O Form groups by colors, letters, names, numbers, cards, clothing, etc. O Change groups every 2 weeks (rote them). O Make sure to include each “able” label in each group. ( The four “able” labels –abilities- students can be classified by are: very able, able, less able and not able.)

8 How to evaluate? O Teacher must know their students well in order to form effective groups. O Monitoring student´s work

9 Evaluation can be: O Diagnostic O Oral entrance O Previous grades O Observation

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