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Photosynthesis, Cell respiration, & enzymes 11/05/2012.

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1 Photosynthesis, Cell respiration, & enzymes 11/05/2012

2 Goals for the Day 1.Understand the processes that make up cell respiration and be able to describe the efficiency of each. 2.Be able to describe what happens in our cells when we don’t have oxygen for cell respiration & how this process compares to cell respiration with oxygen. 3.Be able to write the chemical equation for photosynthesis and Cell respiration. Identify the products and reactants and say what organisms do each process

3 Question of the Day ATP is produced during ___________(process), and most of it is produced in the ____________(organelle)

4 Glycolysis – the first step of cell respiration no matter what! -Glycolysis is the splitting of glucose -It takes place in the cytoplasm of the cell -It makes 2 ATP molecules out of glucose -It also releases pyruvic acid and hydrogen

5 Aerobic Respiration Anaerobic Respiration Types of Cell Respiration

6 Oxidative Respiration (aerobic process) – second part of cell respiration Takes place inside the mitochondria First part of oxidative respiration Produces 2 ATP, several hydrogens, and two molecules of carbon dioxide Where does the carbon dioxide go?

7 Second part of oxidative respiration Hydrogen released from Glycolysis and the first part of oxidative respiration goes into the electron transport chain. Hydrogen goes into the chain and meets at the end with oxygen Produces 34 ATP and water Where does the water go? Where did the oxygen come from?

8 How is burning fuel in a car similar to burning sugar in our cells?

9 RESPIRATION Burning fuel to release energy!

10 Cellular Respiration 1. What are the two steps of cellular respiration ? 2. Which step is more efficient? 3. Which step produces more ATP? 4. What kinds of organisms do cellular respiration ? Glycolysis & Oxidative reduction (aerobic respiration Oxidative reduction (aerobic respiration) All organisms

11 What Happens when Oxygen is Not Present after Glycolysis? We get FERMENTATION!

12 Fermentation Occurs in yeasts, some bacteria, and animals (including humans) Does not use oxygen Two Types Lactic Acid Alcohol

13 Fermentation Alcohol Fermentation in yeasts and bacteria… Products of glycolysis combine to produce ethyl alcohol Most of the energy from glucose goes into the bonds of the ethyl alcohol molecule. What do bonds contain?

14 Fermentation When would we not have enough oxygen? Lactic Acid Fermentation in animals…. Products of glycolysis combine to produce lactic acid Happens in the cytoplasm Only 2 ATP total are produced in fermentation (anaerobic respiration) versus 36 in aerobic respiration

15 Fermentation in animals… Our muscle cells are forced to use lactic acid fermentation The accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle cells is one of the causes of muscle soreness

16 Cellular Respiration & Fermentation 1. When does fermentation (anaerobic respiration) occur ? 2. How does fermentation (anaerobic respiration) compare to aerobic respiration? 3. Which produces more ATP? 4. What are the two types of fermentation and what organisms do each type ? When cells do not have enough oxygen to do aerobic respiration Oxygen use, efficiency, ATP production Oxidative reduction (aerobic respiration) Alcohol fermentation: yeasts & bacteria Lactic Acid fermentation: animals, including us!

17 Skills Checks - Correction

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