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Move On When Ready Johns Creek High School Counseling Department.

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1 Move On When Ready Johns Creek High School Counseling Department

2 Agenda ▪ Move On When Ready Details – How does the program work and what are it’s benefits? ▪ Expectations for Dual Enrollment Students ▪ “To Do” List for Students and Parents ▪ Q and A Session

3 Move On When Ready Details ▪ MOWR is classified as a part of Georgia’s “Move On When Ready” opportunities that enable students to earn college credits while in high school. ▪ Only 11 th and 12 th graders are eligible to participate in the MOWR program at JCHS. ▪ Students must apply and be accepted and be willing to travel to a local college campus to attend classes. ▪ Credits are guaranteed to be accepted at any Georgia school that is a part of the University Systems of Georgia network. Out of state schools need to be contacted on an individual basis to inquire about accepting dual enrollment credits. ▪ MOWR Deadline is March 30 th. If you plan on participating your application and other supplemental material need to be submitted by this deadline.

4 MOWR Details Continued… ▪ Benefits of Dual Enrollment – If a student passes the course, they earn college credit. – Lightens the AP course load for advanced students (less AP exams in the spring) – Provides students the opportunity to grow and mature as they handle college registration, requesting transcripts, and communicating with college level professors – It can enable a student to satisfy many general first year college requirements without using HOPE funds. – A student can enter college with credits which enables them to potentially register for a lighter load or to drop a class if needed without getting off track from their major

5 JCHS Expectations for MOWR Students… The three R’s. Responsibility Students are responsible for transporting themselves to and from both campuses and cannot be at JCHS when they are not scheduled for classes. Students are responsible for ensuring they stay abreast on what is going on at JCHS (example, asking about changes in the schedule during EOCT testing). Students are responsible for communicating with their college on all matters (JCHS cannot communicate with colleges/universities) Students are responsible for applying, submitting materials and adhering to all university, college and JCHS deadlines. Rigor Students should ensure that the courses they select at the college will meet their graduation requirements for high school. Students should ensure they register for courses that they feel are most appropriate for their future college plans. Records Students must provide their official transcript showing their final college grades at the conclusion of each semester to ensure the counselor at JCHS adds the credit to the student’s FCS transcript (it is especially critical to provide this at least a week prior to graduation). Students must complete the Accel application each semester and email their counselor to inform them of the courses they have registered for at their college.

6 MOWR “To Do” List for Students and Parents ▪ Register for classes at GPC and coordinate with your JCHS counselor to finalize your JCHS schedule. ▪ Complete the Accel application at ▪ Inform your counselor that you have completed the application and let them know which classes you have registered for (counselors will complete the Accel application in order for the course to be paid for). ▪ Order a transcript when your grades are finalized for your college courses and ensure your counselor receives the transcript. ▪ Communicate with friends and check the school website so you don’t miss information at school (this is especially important for seniors!).

7 Questions????

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