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Section 2: Background for Understanding Misreporting DOCUMENTS: Excerpts/analysis on Qur’an, PLO et ilk charters, Mandate, 242, Oslo, Road Map, etc. HISTORY:

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1 Section 2: Background for Understanding Misreporting DOCUMENTS: Excerpts/analysis on Qur’an, PLO et ilk charters, Mandate, 242, Oslo, Road Map, etc. HISTORY: Jews’ continuous presence, “Palestine,” Jerusalem, Temple denial ISRAEL TODAY: U.S. ally, democracy, human rights, technology, humanitarian- ism, relations with Arabs OPPOSITION: Muslim Anti-Semitism, rejection of Jewish State, terrorism POLITICS: UN, lobbies, “Land for Peace – David vs Goliath” CROSSROADS: Jewish refugees, Christians in peril Rev jrv 3/24/13

2 Ben Hecht, 1948 “A Jewish nation will remove our mystery and give us origins and permit us to thrive in the world—on an equal footing with other nationals.” “A David stands against Goliath. I ask you Jews—buy him a stone for his slingshot.”


4 Three background aspects Westerners must understand are Israel’s indefensibility today within the 1949 ceasefire lines The Arab-Israeli conflict’s Jewish as well as Arab refugees The actual cause of Middle East Christians’ plight

5 1 The 1949 Ceasefire Lines -- the lines at the end of the War of Independence after 6 Arab Armies attacked Israel after rejecting U.N. Partition Plan (Nov. 29, 1947) -- the “Auschwitz” Lines (Abba Eban)


7 GEOGRAPHY 101: “Land for Peace” – “David vs Goliath” If you look just at this map, you see a bigger Israel than “the West Bank” and Gaza Not really an “Israeli Goliath” against a “Palestinian David,” but “Land for Peace”? Maybe the sacrifice would not be existential. ** “the West Bank” = Judea and Samaria **



10 Have We Gone... From This  To This  ?

11 Now, look at this map –

12 Israel alone in the “Islamic Middle East” and North Africa

13 This is the country the Mainstream Media, Liberal-Left Elites, Main Line Protestant Groups and many American Jews say should surrender “Land for Peace”

14 Which side would you have give up “Land For Peace” – the rest of the United States or Vermont?

15 MIDDLE EAST GEOGRAPHY 101 Israel: * 112-mile coastline * 260 miles at longest * 60 miles at widest * 3 – 9 miles at narrowest * 8019 square miles (about size of New Jersey) * 1/19 size of California * fit into Florida 7 times * fit into United States 768 times * 1/625 (1/6 of 1%) of Arab world * counting Iran: ratio is 650-1

16 ISRAEL RELATIVE TO MUSLIM WORLD * surrounded by 22 hostile Arab-Muslim states * population of Arab-Muslim states including Iran: 350 million * 56 Islamic countries * 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide * 6.2 million Jews in Israel * regional population ratio of 56: 1 * 1.2 million Arabs living in Israel as full citizens * 13.5 million Jews in world– almost 5 million fewer than in 1939

17 a. 3 miles wide here b. Golan Heights c. Sea of Galilee d. Jordan River... Sea of Galilee to Dead Sea e. 1967 territory beyond the “Green Line” f. 9 miles wide here g. Tel Aviv h. Jerusalem i. Dead Sea j. Gaza Strip: 5 miles x 25 miles (Courtesy of These are the dimensions of Israel “proper”:

18 This is Mark Langfan’s map showing how vulnerable Israel would be against today’s weaponry if pushed back into what Eban rightly called “Auschwitz lines”

19 Israel Foreign Ministry map of expanding Gaza rocket range from Qassams to Grads to Iranian-designed Fajar-5s

20 This is a close-up view of the Jewish homeland’s heart- land as an Arab state: The defensible Judea-Samaria hill country heartland (2200 ft height) Tel Aviv and the most populous zone The narrow corridor connecting the coast to Jerusalem.

21 A lot of Jews, not all of them soldiers, died in the 1948 war to keep open that narrow lifeline to Jerusalem.

22 New Arab and Jewish housing since 1967 in ‘east’ Jerusalem Jerusalem Today




26 “… the classical laws of ‘occupation’ … cannot be considered applicable to the unique and sui generis historic and legal circumstances of Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria, spanning over decades.”

27 Ma’ale Adumim as seen from Mt Scopus Ma'aleh Adumim taken from the Mt. Scopus Amphitheater of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It's plain to see that this suburb of Jerusalem is on the foothills of the same mountain as Jerusalem "proper." How can this be considered a "settlement?“ [photo taken Jan., 2006]” - photographer Dov Wartell

28 Today, these are the peaceful symbols of Israel’s “peace partners” in the search for Arab-Israeli peace: PLO Fatah Hamas

29 The new Fatah logo is consistent with official PA maps used in official documents, government offices and schools that do not acknowledge Israel’s existence and mark all of Israel as ‘Palestine.’ Other symbols central to Fatah ideology also appear in the logo, including a rifle and a key symbolizing the Palestinian claim of ownership to houses within Israel (‘New Fatah logo erases Israel,’ PMW bulletin, December 12, 2012).not acknowledgeIsrael as ‘PalestinerifleNew Fatah logo erases Israel

30 Israel’s “Peace Partners” Fatah’s Abbas “Don’t order us to recognize a Jewish state. We won’t accept it.” (8/28/11) Hezbollah’s Nasrallah “If we searched the entire world for a person more cowardly, despicable, weak and feeble in psyche, mind, ideology and religion, we would not find anyone like the Jew. Notice, I did not say the Israeli.” (2002)

31 Hamas’ Haniyeh “We affirm that armed resistance is our strategic option and the only way to liberate our land, from the sea to the river. God willing, Hamas will lead the people … to the uprising until we liberate Palestine, all of Palestine.” (12/14/11) Egypt’s Morsi “These bloodsuckers who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs.... They have been fanning the flames of civil strife wherever they were throughout their history. They are hostile by nature.”

32 Iran’s Ahmadinejad “The nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land …. A new Middle East will definitely be formed. With the grace of God and help of the nations, in the new Middle East there will be no trace of the Americans and Zionists.” Iran’s Khamenei “[Israel is a] cancer.... It will be cut.”

33 Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran --“Holy Quds should be liberated from the yoke of Israel” (2-20-14) --Israel is “an old wound on the body of the Islamic world” (8-2-13)

34 Old anti-Semitism: “Jews kill babies” New anti-Semitism: “Jewish state kills babies”

35 THE CASE FOR MORAL CLARITY (from Prof. Alan Dershowitz) ** WAR CRIMES BY PALESTINIAN ARABS (HAMAS IN 2006 GAZA WAR) ** 10,000+ ROCKETS, MISSILES FIRED INTO ISRAELI TOWNS AND CITIES * Inq 3/13/11: “Militants” break into Itamar Jewish home in dead of night, slit throats of sleeping father, mother, kids 11 and 3, and an infant * Inq 6/16/08: Israel considers exchanging for two soldiers’ bodies “guerrilla” who “repeatedly smashed” 5 year-old girl’s head against rock “before crushing her skull with a rifle butt”

36 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his late father, the great historian and professor Benzion Netanyahu on his 100th Birthday taught that: “Those who are unfamiliar with the past cannot understand the present, and those who cannot understand the present cannot see what lies ahead.” ** Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking Anti-Semitism.”

37 Things To Think About

38 2 The Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands


40 Stories in the shadows – Jews in Arab lands: North Africa

41 Stories in the shadows – Jews in Arab lands: Asia

42 How many indigenous Jews were forced to flee Arab and other Muslim lands they lived in for many hundreds of years ? How many Arabs fled tiny Israel? 800,000 - 850,000 472,000 – 650,000 most never saw one Israeli soldier most told to leave by their leaders to make way for the invading Arab armies who vowed to drive the Jews into the sea

43 Tri-fold significance of Jews from Arab lands: 1.Broadens “Palestinian refugee” issue 2.Absorption by Israel discredits Arab “hosts’” 65-year isolation and mistreatment of Arabs who left Israel (now there’s ‘apartheid’) 3.Together with Yishuv, debunks claim Israel is “colonial European entity” plunked in “Islamic” Mideast

44 3 A story in the Shadows: Christians in Peril in the “Islamic Middle East”

45 In the Christian Holy Land itself

46 has laid blame for Holy Land Christians’ troubles at Israel’s feet. “The overarching message of the segment—that Israel is the source and cause of Christian misfortune and decline in the Holy Land—was false on many levels ….” Andrea Levin of CAMERA: From Letter to Jeff Fager, head of CBS News,, 5/31/12

47 said: “The wall completely surrounds Bethlehem, turning the little town where Christ was born into what its residents call an open air prison” – Bob Simon, 60 Minutes, 4/22/12

48 an allegation CBS News head, and 60 Minutes executive producer, Fager repeated to a church group in April 2013

49 But the fact is Map of barrier route near Bethlehem by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (December 2012). No, it doesn’t From: “Help CAMERA Video Go Viral! New Video Exposes 60 Minutes Falsehood” June 21, 2013

50 But the facts are that...

51 Mideast Christians’ troubles aren’t confined to Israel, Gaza and “The West Bank”: Christians’ share of overall Mideast population has plummeted from 20% a century ago to < 5% today. E.g.: Lebanon: > 50% at independence in 1946, < 30% today Iraq: 800,000 a decade ago, < 150,000 today Turkey: 2,000,000 in 1918, < 100,000 today Syria: almost 50% half-century ago, 4% today Jordan: 18% half-century ago, 2% today

52 Churches are attacked by Muslims in “the West Bank”: Above: Terrorists’ 2002 take-over of Bethlehem Nativity Church Below: Church torched in Tulkarem in Sept 2006 in anger over comments by Pope

53 Iraq Egypt But also in

54 SyriaLebanonPakistan Nigeria TanzaniaIndonesia

55 There are responsible voices out there. Here’s one in our book: It documents “Christian Life Under the P.A.” ** RIGHTEOUS CHRISTIAN GROUPS SUCH AS: - CUFI (Christians United For Israel) - FOI (Friends of Israel)

56 The Middle East is NOT an “Islamic Middle East” Jews have continuously lived there as Jews since the second millennium BCE Christians have continuously lived there as Christians since the first century CE Islam began in the seventh century CE The tools that you need to see through the loaded lexicon of Mideast mis-reporting are here in this book. Pressing Israel gives you the background and lays out that loaded lexicon from A-to-Z.

57 Our book, Pressing Israel, ends with a question: Conclusion: The Media War: Can Israel Get Fair Coverage?




61 Among the causes of anti-Israel media bias: Empathy for the Underdog (“Underdogma”) - Israel has gone from the 1948 homegrown militia fending off invasion by five Arab states’ armies to the post 1967 Six Day War victory, high-tech army Goliath looming over slingshot using Palestinians Palestinian Arab intimidation of media - magnified, obsessive reporting on Israel due to its free, robust press vs. Arab-world state-dominated, closed government-run press Jews averting their eyes from imbalanced reporting (as we did for years from “millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants from the creation of Israel”)

62 -Israel: How a small nation makes a big difference - shares with the world, humanitarianism - beacon of shared Judeo-Christian values - democracy, respects civil rights, women’s rights - asset and ally of U.S. - an oasis in hostile, totalitarian/authoritarian Islamic desert -“Social Justice” -Tikkum Olam - Medical Care for all: Biology trumps Ideology - Safety and Security of Jewish community is bound/ dependent on a strong Israel *** HELP WIN OUR FUTURE BY HELP WINNING BACK OUR PAST *** *** BE AN AMBASSADOR FOR THE TRUTH ** *** LET MY PEOPLE KNOW ***



65 BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) Israel??? Then do it right, BOYCOTT THIS !!! Made/ Developed in Israel (some of the hundreds): * The cell phone * Windows NT and XP operating systems * Pentium-4 microprocessor, Centrino and Atom chip * Voice-mail technology * AOL Instant Messenger ICQ * ReWalk (Argo Med. Tech) * Collplant (facilitates wound healing, bone repair, nerve regeneration) * The Better Place electric-car network * Given Imaging (ingestible video camera) * BriefCam video-synopsis technology * Decell Technologies (realtime road traffic information) * The EarlySense (continuous monitoring solution for hospital nurses) * EpiLady (the first electric hair remover) * Hazera Genetics (yielded the cherry tomato) * HydroSpin (unique internal pipe generator) * Intel Israel * Leviathan Energy (innovated the Wind Tulip) * MobileEye (combines a tiny digital camera with sophisticated algorithms) * Netafim (worldwide pioneer in smart-drip and micro-irrigation) * Ormat Technologies (geothermal power plants) * Panoramic Power (provides current energy monitor solutions) * PrimeSense (interaction with 3D machine vision technologies) * Pythagoras Solar (made the world’s first solar window) * Solaris Synergy (floats solar panels on water instead of land) * The Space Imagery Intelligence unit of Elbit Systems (“space camera”) * TA Count (real-time microbiology) * Takadu (provides monitoring software to leading water utilities worldwide) * Turbulence (world’s first hypernarrative, interactive movie) * Waze (world’s fastest-growing community based traffic, navigation app) 12 Israeli Nobel Prize winners (vs. 6 Arab Nobel Prize winners)









74 MYTH: ISRAEL’S SECURITY FENCE NEAR THE GREEN LINE IS AN “APARTHEID WALL” This is two lies in one. It is a fence/barrier, not a wall- approx. 300 miles long. About 97% is made of chain-link material. The remaining 3% is concrete, designed to repel sniper fire in particular urban areas. The fence was built in 2003 in response to thousands of suicide bombings and rocket attacks on Israeli citizens by Palestinian Arab terrorists, sponsored and armed by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. The fence was built to keep out terrorists, not Arabs. It is not an obstacle to peace. In the years since the construction of the fence, terrorist attacks have declined by more than 90%. The fence is Israel’s legitimate defense against a ruthless and amoral terrorist aggressor. It has saved thousands of lives, including Arabs.


76 What’s the answer to the “Can Israel Get Fair Coverage?” question? US Stop using terms designed to denigrate the Jewish homeland connection to Israel Lean on our leaders and advocates to stop using these terms And then demand that the Western media stop using them too “And if not Now, When?” ** FORFEITING THE LANGUAGE FORFEITS OUR HERITAGE AND HISTORY **


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