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Grant Proposal for [Project Name]

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1 Grant Proposal for [Project Name]
[Organization Name] Grant Proposal for [Project Name] [This template serves two purposes: In-Person Presentation Tool RFP Preparation Tool]

2 Introduction Introduce your organization.
[Brief background information, current program/activities of applicant, number of people served, geographic area/population served, staff experience, and/or accomplishments] [Mission statement]

3 Introduction (continued)
[Why your organization qualifies as a Targeted Organization as defined in the RFP] [Insert your organization’s logo, if available.]

4 Project Summary [Present a concise summary of the project and its most important benefit.]

5 Problem Statement [Identify the problems that the project will address.] [Back up your problem statement with statistics, if available.]

6 Target Population [Identify the Target Population.]
[Describe the level of need for services in your community and what group or groups of individuals will be targeted for services by the program.] [Discuss whether your program and activities will leave a local, regional or statewide impact.] [Include a description of the referral system(s) used by the program to reach the target pop.]

7 Objectives [State specific, measurable project objectives.]
[Explain how the project objectives address the problems you have identified.]

8 Key Outcomes [List the key outcomes of the project.]
[Begin with the most important outcome.]

9 Project Activities and Implementation
[List how you will fulfill the expected outcomes and outcomes.] [List how the project will be carried out in an effective and efficient manner, including who will be involved, what resources are needed, target dates for project activities and the timeframe for completion.] [Timetable chart on next slide may assist with this as well.]

10 Start Date to Completion Date
Project Timetable [Present a timetable for each phase of the project.] Description Start Date to Completion Date Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

11 Budget [Provide a budget for the project. Use a table or chart, as shown, to show budgeted items and total cost.] Resource Budget Personnel 0.00 Technology Distribution Promotion Other Services Total Cost

12 Roles & Responsibilities
[Provide an organization chart of the project management team.]

13 Contacts [List of the project’s primary contacts along with phone numbers and addresses]

14 Evaluation [Discuss how and when the project will be evaluated.]
[List quality assurance steps that will occur during the project.] [List evaluation methods that will be used after the project is complete.] [Explain how you will act on the results of your assessments and project evaluation.]

15 Endorsements [List endorsements from individuals or organizations, if available.]

16 Questions?

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