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The Supreme Law of the Land Chapter 5 Pp. 124-132.

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1 The Supreme Law of the Land Chapter 5 Pp. 124-132

2 The Supreme Law of the Land To form a more perfect union To establish justice To insure domestic tranquility To provide for the common defense To promote the general welfare To secure the blessing of liberty for ourselves and our posterity

3 The Articles The Constitution is organized into seven parts called articles. Article 1 – the Legislative Branch (Congress – House of Representatives and Senate)

4 The Articles Article 2 – The Executive Branch Created something new: some strengths of monarch, but rules by people’s consent Not very specific. President Harry S. Truman

5 The Articles Article 3 – The Judicial Branch Has final say on Constitutional issues

6 The Articles Article 4 – The States Article 5 – Amending the Constitution Article 6 – The Supremacy of the Constitution – top law of the land Article 7 - Ratification

7 Limited Government Federalism – division of power between the states and the federal, or national, government. Separation of powers: 1) Concurrent powers – shared by federal and state governments. 2) Reserved powers – the Constitution does not give them to Congress or deny them to the states. Checks and balances – each branch of government has power to limit to other two.

8 Questions Under the new Constitution, what power would the President hold? Executive power

9 Questions What did the Framers intend that the Supreme Court would do in addition to interpreting laws? Settle conflicts among the states

10 Questions What did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention agree on? A national government was needed

11 Questions Which of the following issues regarding power was discussed by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention? What powers would be shared by both the states and national government

12 Questions The Great Compromise decided what issue? The number of representatives in the House and Senate

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