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Aborigines of Australia

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1 Aborigines of Australia
Ga Standards SS6H8, SS6H9

2 INDIGENOUS PEOPLE Aborigines Native Americans Location: Australia
Location: North and South America

3 ABORIGINAL ORIGINS The term aborigine comes from a Latin word that means “from the beginning.” Aborigines have occupied Australia for at least 40,000 years Arrived from Southeast Asia

4 ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE Over 250 different languages
Languages can be divided into 10 – 24 language families. Language helps to maintain connection to ancestors, land, law, and culture. “Kangaroo” comes from the word ‘gangurru” in the Guugu Yimidhirr language

5 ABORIGINAL ECONOMY Hunters and Gatherers Way of life slow to change
Nomads: moved from place to place in search of food Practice a traditional economy

6 ARTS & INVENTIONS Boomerang Didgeridoo Ground Axe Boomerang Ground Axe

7 ARTS AND BELIEFS History passed down through oral story telling
Rock Art illustrates the Aboriginal belief of Dreamtime

8 RELIGION Dreamtime is the spiritual belief of the Aborigines.
It influences religion, behavior, and law and order. Dreamtime stories also explain how animals, plants, water sources, and other natural beings were formed by spirit beings.


10 SACRED SITES Uluru is a sacred site to the Aborigines
It was created during the Dreamtime Ceremonies are still performed there Rock art can be viewed in the caves It is also known as Ayers Rock

11 CUSTOM & TRADITIONS Ceremonies that include chanting, singing, dancing, or ritual action is done to ensure a good supply of food or rain Other ceremonies include initiation of boys and girls into adulthood as well as funeral ceremonies.

Tribes could number as many as 500 people Tribes included “hordes” which could be 10 to 20 people Dreamtime stories form the basis for law and order

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