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1/17/2016B.Ramamurthy1 Final Review CSE321 B.Ramamurthy.

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1 1/17/2016B.Ramamurthy1 Final Review CSE321 B.Ramamurthy

2 1/17/2016B.Ramamurthy2 Date, Time and Place December 9, 2015, Wednesday 2.00-2.50PM NSC 215 Please bring Pencils, pens and erasers. Any form of ID with photograph Closed book exam

3 Topics Object-oriented design: Classes and objects; See class notes posted on ublearns on the Ball and Box classes. pp.395-407 Functions: Define and call a function: 181-192 Arrays: defines and manipulate an array: mix, max, map functions: 301-312. Switch statement: See class notes While loop: write a while loop for a given problem statement; classnotes Random number generation: generate an integer random number in a given range. Move objects using translate; pushMatrix and popMatrix. 133- 135. Draw shapes using vertex: 69-77 1/17/2016B.Ramamurthy3

4 1/17/2016B.Ramamurthy4 Sample questions Define a class of objects of given type. Example: Define a class of objects of type car. Ans: Rectangular box with class name, class attributes and functions (no need for full function definition) Define a function with parameters and a return value? Example: Define a function rolldice that roll two dice and return the sum of the values of the dice. How will you call this function and assign its value to a variable? Define array and use it? Define an array and initialize it daily temperature for this week (assume some values). Use a for loop and array length function to sum up the elements and determine the average for the week. Convert an if statement to a switch statement? We will discuss this on Monday. Generate a random number in a given range? Use this in a while loop? Determine the sum of a random number until the sum becomes 100. Print all the random number inside the loop. We will discuss this Monday. How will you move an object in Processing using its x and y coordinates? If you understand translate, pushMatrxix and popMatrix that will be fine too. Otherwise just use x and y and try moving it.

5 1/17/2016B.Ramamurthy5 Format One question per topic discussed above. Only 6 questions Each question may have subsections We will NOT penalize you for syntax errors, but important elements should be there

6 How to study? Prepare? Come prepared: there is no substitute for hard work Review class notes; Understand project work and class work Find ways to efficiently answer questions Find ways to avoid silly mistakes Create a mental checklist to make sure you have not missed anything important on the exam (like your name of the exam paper!) Read the question paper and strategize on the order in which you will answer the questions Build up competencies as you are reviewing the course material and not deficiencies… Good luck. 1/17/2016B.Ramamurthy6

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