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Oceanic Zones.

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1 Oceanic Zones

2 Oceanic Zones Several factors used to divide the ocean in to distinct life marine zones light availability distance from shore water depth

3 Zones of Light Availability
photic (light) zone: upper part of the ocean where light penetrates euphotic zone is the topmost part of the ocean where light is strongest aphotic zone: lower part of the ocean where very little or no light penetrates


5 Photic Zone euphotic zone is where nearly all of primary production from photosynthesis occurs highest concentration of plants Algae, phytoplankton, and sea grass most ocean fish live in this zone

6 Plants and Animals of Photic Zone

7 Aphotic Zone no living plants high pressure, low temperatures
animals survive by eating detritus or other animals animals must adapt to living with no light

8 Zones: Distance from the Shore
intertidal zone: where land an ocean overlap neritic zone: seaward from the low tide line, the continental shelf out to the shelf break oceanic zone: beyond the continental shelf


10 Life in the Neritic Zone
well oxygenated water low water pressure stable temperature and salinity levels home to photosynthetic life phytoplankton sargassum

11 Animals and Plants of the Neritic Zone

12 Oceanic Zone larger creatures life decreases with increasing depth
widest array of life (because it is a very broad area)

13 Animals of the Oceanic Zone

14 Water Depth pelagic zone: open ocean of any depth
benthic zone: includes any sea bottom surface abyssal zone: subdivision of benthic zone; deep extremely high water pressure low temperatures


16 Benthic Zone low oxygenation of water low temperatures
animals here feed on detritus or other animals little or no plant life (depending on depth of water

17 Animals of the Benthic Zone

18 Abyssal Zone floor of deepest parts of ocean
most bizarre animals found here incredible water pressure absolutely no light very cold temperatures hard to survive

19 Animals of the Abyssal Zone

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