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XAS 375 JD6 Compressors Scott Ellinger

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1 XAS 375 JD6 Compressors Scott Ellinger
Committed to sustainable productivity

2 Technical Specifications - XAS 375 JD6

3 Technical Specifications - XAS 375 JD6 (2)

4 Technical Specifications - XAS 375 JD6 (3)

5 Flow summary XAS 375 JD6

6 AIR SYSTEM INLET VALVE Spring loaded to the closed position
Opened by inlet suction Closed by regulating pressure Also serves as check valve Unloading valve assembly part number Unloading valve service kit part number

7 No-Load Condition Load Condition

8 Unload Condition Blow- Down Condition

9 REGULATING VALVE Regulating valve part number 1604 0847 85
Spring loaded Adjusting receiver pressure by changing spring tension to pressure gauge and loading valve to speed regulator to unloading valve Regulating pressure: Receiver pressure In order to regulate the pressure inside the reciever tank of our compressor, the air intake and the engine speed have to be controlled. This is done pneumatically. For that reason, we need regulating pressure. The regulating valve reduces the pressure inside the tank, thus providing the regulating pressure. This regulating pressure is then supplied to the unloader valve and the speed regulator or RPS. The air receiver pressure can be set to another value by adjusting the spring tension of the regulating valve. This is done by turning the handle on top the valve. Increasing the spring tension, by turning in, will increase the regulating pressure and consequently the pressure inside the vessel. Turning out will decrease the pressure. Regulating valve part number Service kit part number

10 Oil separator Scavenge line Separator element Centrifugal separation
Oil Separator filter element should be replaced Every 1,000 hours or yearly. Centrifugal separation Retainer should be checked and cleaned at time of separator element service Oil Air/Oil Separator element service kit part number

11 John Deere – Tier III – RPS in place of Pneumatic Speed Regulator
Regulating Pressure Sensor or “Speed Sensor” p/n

Maintains a minimum pressure of 58 PSI for oil flow Also contains the final check valve

13 Control Panel

14 XC 2002 Controller

15 XC2002 Controller Overview

16 XC 2002 Control Module

17 XC 2002 - Menus *Password is 2003*
On newer units Parameters are under Extra Views. *Password is 2003*

18 XC 2002 Controller – 1.200 Program

19 XC 2002 Controller – 1.200 Program
Automatically loads “with use of in line micro switch” Automatically unloads unit “unit will not reload” Service Timer 1 = 500hrs Service Timer 2 = 1000hrs “On” lets you connect to engine with machine not running

20 XC 2002 Controller – 1.200 Program

21 XC 2002 Controller – 1.200 Program

22 XC 2002 Controller – 1.200 Program

23 XC 2002 Controller – 1.200 Program – Unit Type 2

24 Event Logging

25 J1939 Canbus Engine Communication

26 J1939 Canbus Engine Communication . Cont

27 Engine Fault Code List

28 Engine Fault Code List

29 Engine Fault Code List

30 Engine Fault Code List

31 Engine Fault Code List

32 Engine Fault Code List

33 Engine Fault Code List

34 Engine Fault Code List

35 Engine Fault Code List

36 Displaying of J1939 DM1 Alarms

37 Wiring Schematic – XAS 375 JD6

38 Legend

39 Preheat Relay K1 Controlled by JDEC
Starter Relay

40 Preventive Maintenance Filter Kits – XAS 375 JD6

41 Spare Parts Recommendation

42 Contact Numbers Main Number Atlas Copco Technical Support
Option 3 Clayton Jones - Hurricane Boosters/Compressors - Supervisor direct & mobile Andrew Stevenson – Compressors: Low Pressure direct & mobile Will Hudson – Generators/Compressors Ext & mobile Andrew Calendar – Compressors: High Pressure direct & mobile Jon Monaco - Hydraulic Att./Handheld Tools Ext & mobile Brandon Dyer – Compressors: Low Pressure/Hydraulic Att. direct & mobile Scott Ellinger – Compressors direct & mobile

43 Committed to sustainable productivity.


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