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: “We share our experience to help you while helping us to succeed on your application”.

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1 : “We share our experience to help you while helping us to succeed on your application”.

2  Thank you for visiting us! We greatly value your time in getting the information you wanted to know. Online information about immigration information is just a click away and publicly available. Let us assist you for this if you feel the need, for your convenience and reference.

3  We are the 1 st Visa Online Assistance that has a combined experience working with several migration firms with a foundation working in an International Education Industry and Visa Consultancy Services for the past Seven (7) years. Undoubtedly, experience and knowledge about immigration regulations and skills are essentials in assisting the client to offer an expert and a professional high level of information that is current and according to the type of visa application and procedures.

4  We take better chances of using online innovation to reach our clients globally through modern approaches of technology as most application now is by means of on-line application and few among paper manual application. Through the years of observing the innovation of immigration, mobility, online application is the act of practice of most of the countries that embrace the diversity of using an online application to leverage and come up with a fast and timely decision

5  Professional eligibility assessment and consultation online  Help to assist the client in completing the online application and paper based application (if applicable)  Translate and collaborate individual circumstances of the client in reference to the type of visa they wish to apply.  Determine the lists of documents needed for submission of application  Assist with the visa application submission  Continue updating the node for any changes to immigration information that is usable online.  Distinguish the potential pathways for student visa when completing to study overseas.  Continue to provide online support information

6  1. Reach us by transmitting an email with your query and attached your CV if possible for us to hold a clear vision for assessment of eligibility   2. Express an interest to schedule a Skype conference on your convenient time (for an online free assessment and consultation 20 minutes to 30 minutes)   3. Consider and negotiate to engage in getting our online services   4. Confirmation   5. Expedite checklist and assist in filling the form online or paper application and re-look into them all prior to compliance.   6. Processing and waiting for the decision.   A disclaimer: We do not arrange a job as we are not a recruitment agency

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