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1 Katy HS Student First-Time Login August 2012

2 Katy HS NHS Students are Pre-loaded Just click this link! You will be taken to the next page.

3 Step 2. of 1st time registration. Fill-in the 2 boxes Click Register You will be prompted to enter the Email address and Password that You will use in x2VOL. - THEN -

4 Complete profile & Select Interests

5 Share Service Information BE SURE that this box is checked to share your service progress with your school and have your hours approved. Make sure all of the information is accurate and complete.. Then… SAVE!

6 Find Opportunities in School Center Sign Up for opportunities by clicking on an event then Sign Up. Check the School Center to find opportunities.

7 Three Ways to Log Your Hours 1.Recurring Activities that you’ve added through x2VOL 2.Add your own activity 3.Add hours for an activity that you signed up for through x2VOL

8 Service Details and Reflections Choose a goal from your goal drop list to apply your hours to a specific goal.

9 Edit or Delete Activity

10 Printing Your Service Log Print your service log by clicking here.

11 Monitor Approval Process

12 Try the x2VOL Free Mobile App! After you register and login on the web site – try our mobile app to log your hours!

13 Mobile App Screens Note: You must login at least once on the web site before you can use the free x2VOL mobile app. The app is for logging hours only.

14 Remember -You can find and sign up for activities through x2VOL or enter hours you’ve completed on your own. -Nonprofit organizations can go to and post events for free. They just need to register first. -If you have any questions or technical problems you can email -THANK YOU for using x2VOL!

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