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Senses in the Skin.

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1 Senses in the Skin

2 Senses in the Skin There are several different types of sensory nerve endings in the skin These endings are called receptors because they are the parts of the nervous system from which information is received The receptors are named according to their function


4 Touch Receptors (Meissner’s corpuscles)
Located immediately below the epidermis Most numerous in the tongue and fingers They are stimulated by light pressure on the skin

5 Allow a person to distinguish between rough, smooth, hard and soft
A different touch receptor detects hair movement


7 Pressure Receptors (Pacinian corpuscle)
Located beneath the dermis Stimulated by heavy pressure

8 Pain Receptors (Nociceptor)
Located in the epidermis and dermis Evenly distributed throughout the skin They occur almost everywhere throughout the body except the brain This is why we can be awake during brain surgery and still feel sensation, but no pain


10 Temperature Receptors (thermoreceptors)
There are separate hot and cold receptors They are stimulated by sudden changes in temperature


12 Sweat Glands Adults have over 2 million sweat glands
There are two types: The first kind is found everywhere on the body except on the lips. They produce a watery solution of salt and urea which evaporates from the skin and cools the body



15 The second kind is found under the arms and in the groin area
The second kind is found under the arms and in the groin area. They produce a thicker liquid. The bacteria on your skin feed off this and produce substances that stink!

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