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SAP HANA als Entwicklungsplattform

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1 SAP HANA als Entwicklungsplattform
Matthias Kupczak HANA Center of Excellence (CoE) Switzerland SAP Forum Juni 2013

2 1 2 3 4 5 SAP HANA SAP HANA development tools
A Database for application logic? 1 SAP HANA development tools 2 3 SAP HANA Extended Services (XS) Embedded application server 4 SAP NetWeaver Application Server on SAP HANA 5 Demo

3 In-Memory Computing CPU Memory Logging and Backup Storage Disks
Insert Only on Delta Column Store Partitioning Compression Logging and Backup Storage Disks

4 In-Memory Computing Implications Delegation of data intense operations to the in-memory computing
Today‘s applications execute many data intense operations in the application layer Application Layer Data Layer High performance apps delegate data intense operations to the in-memory computing layer In-Memory Computing Imperative: Avoid movement of detailed data Calculate first, then move results

5 Custom development on SAP HANA Options for customers and partners
CD / PD = customer development / partner development, SoH = SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA 1) Accelerators for Add-Ons develop new applications running side-by-side with Business Suite (similar HPAs) accelerate existing Z-coding, develop application-specific accelerators possible since AS ABAP 7.0x SAP Business Suite SAP HANA Any DB CD / PD SAP Suite / BW SAP HANA CD / PD 2) Add-Ons for Suite / BW on HANA customer-specific developments enable existing Add-Ons to run on SoH / BW optimize them for SAP HANA technology develop completely new Add-Ons SAP HANA Any Client 3) New applications on HANA XS develop new applications running with SAP HANA Extended Services (XS) specifically designed and implemented for SAP HANA technology SAP XS-Engine SAP HANA New Applications / any app. server 4) New applications develop new applications running with SAP HANA Any application server with common DB interfaces, e.g. SQL, JDBC, ODBC, etc.

6 SAP HANA Platform The Agony of Choice
SAP HANA is an open platform! Not only SAP applications benefits of HANA capabilities! NW AS, HTML5-based, SAP BusinessObjects BI, third party tools, any application Server https, ODBC, JDBC, oData, SQL, MDX, … XS Engine Application Services Customer Views Customer Queries Customer SQL Script Stored Procedures Modeled / Scripted views SAP- delivered HANA Development Web Resource oData Service SAP HANA PLATFORM Database Layer Physical Tables Integration Layer Libraries, R-integration, Hadoop, data sources logic as close as possible to the data Data available instantaneously Pre-defined or own developed models within the database

7 Integrated development scenarios
Application Function Library (AFL) / Business function library (BFL) & Predictive Analytic Library (PAL) UI integration / SAPUI5 External Libraries / e.g. Statistical language R External Data integration / e.g. Hadoop cluster

8 SAP HANA Modeling / Development
SAP HANA Development Modeling Attribute Views (Dimensions, Time, Hierarchy, Derived) Analytic Views (Star schemas, facts, calculations) Calculation Views (Composite views, Modeled or Script) Transportable design time artifacts stored in the repository Runtime objects (Column store views) are generated from the modeled views Views Scripting Main procedural language of the SAP HANA database Push data intensive operations into the database Utilized in script-based Calculation views and procedures SQL Script Intregr. Libraries Leverage the power of external libraries Open-Source, statistical functions through R Integration leveraging predefined functions

9 SAP HANA embedded application server SAP Extended Services (XS)
Client Scope & features Lightweight small web-based applications leveraging the built-in strengths of SAP HANA capabilities minimize “layers” with an http-based UI (browser, mobile apps) run directly on SAP HANA, without an additional external application server Presentation logic Presentation artifacts HANA Control flow logic Control flow artifacts Calculation logic Data Data artifacts

10 SAP ABAP Netweaver Application Server
NW Releasses NetWeaver 7.3x first release ready for HANA NetWeaver 7.40 massive HANA optimizations SAP ABAP Optimizations HANA optimized tools SQL Trace (ST05) Runtime Analysis (SAT) Code Inspector (SCI) DBACOCKPIT (ST04) Statistical records (STAD) ABAP Application Server Data transfer via network DDIC, DB Interface, DBSL In-Memory HANA DB Development Artifacts Application logic Customer Schema SAP Schema To guarantee the persistency Disk

11 1. AS ABAP 2. Push down 3. HANA Dev. NW ABAP Optimizations
NEW tools with NW 7.40 e.g. code inspections, Runtime Analysis Get SAP standard optimizations Extended UI experiences due to HANA capabilities 1. AS ABAP Optimize ABAP source code (open SQL optimizations) Replace „SELECT * …“ into „SELECT <fieldlist>“ SQL push down instead of loop internal table 2. Push down HANA capabilities (Views, Stored Procedures, DT*) Integration with external data and or programming libraries Consume high performance HANA artifacts in ABAP 3. HANA Dev. *Decision Tables

12 Consume HANA artifacts with SAP NW Application Server
DEMO Plunge into the real world… HANA Models Consume HANA artifacts with SAP NW Application Server

13 Zusammenfassung – 5 Punkte zum Mitnehmen
SAP HANA is an open & integrated development Platform Application logic is moving into the database layer Accelerated and extended use cases New SAP NW applications significantly benefit of HANA capabilities… … BUT is further on database independent

14 Thank you! And enjoy SAP HANA @ SAP FORUM 2013 - Baden
Matthias Kupczak HANA CoE Switzerland SAP Switzerland AG Althardstrasse 80 8105 Regensdorf



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