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The Spirit of Collaboration

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1 The Spirit of Collaboration
Peer Coaching The Spirit of Collaboration

2 Houston Middle Timeline
2003- HMS split from the high school No middle school concept No discipline plan 31 suspensions first month Total population 440 students Junior High Schedule- no teaming

3 Houston Middle School Progresses
Middle School model in place (teaming) Make Your Day Citizenship Program was Adopted (suspensions cut in half) Content by content attack began with reading by implementing Direct Instruction. Yearly progressions continue Professional Development for staff evolved: Book Studies: This We Believe NMSA Understanding Poverty Whatever It Takes Adolescent Development

4 Houston Middle School Hawks Promoting
Mission Statement Houston Middle School Hawks Promoting High expectations for students and staff Achievement and positive choices Working as one Knowledge for successful life long learning Self worth and respect for all

5 Houston Middle School Keeps on Trekking
PLC (Professional Learning Communities) Provided professional development and increase in communication for teams, administration, parents to focus on student success Math was tackled by adopting Accelerated Math SIMS and Criterion were introduced for Writing Interventions Intervention Model developed and ongoing

6 Intervention Model Students at risk are placed on triangle though a systemic process in order to identify individual student needs.

7 Intervention Model Each child that has been identified will move through levels while interventions are put in place Example: Home/School communication through planner checks, weekly drag sheets, daily check lists etc.

8 Climbing the mountain Data Retreat opportunity: Low test scores
Looked at SBA scores for all students Results: GLE checklists Created Pacing Guides implemented in Reading, Writing, and Math

9 Assessments 2007-2008 Dr. Whitely invited for Professional Development
Discussions uncovered a desire to conduct peer observations Wanted to see other teachers’ methods Decided that staff cohesion was strong enough to open our rooms for observations

10 Peer Coaching: Why? Goal: Increase Student Learning by
Teachers given the opportunity to collaborate with each other by Giving data driven feedback to each other Nonjudgmental At teacher request Not Mandatory Confidential True Collaborative Spirit: Both parties benefit

11 Peer Coaching: How? Pre-Conference Observation Post-Conference (Key!)
Observed is in control Decide upon “Lens”, time, etc. Observation Data is collected Post-Conference (Key!) 3 Intentions used to keep positive 3 points conversation makes Data the focus Suggestions are only offered upon request

12 Trouble Shooting Time Scheduling Conflicts Follow Through
Comfort Levels Do Vary Requires high level of respect between peers

13 Reaching the Summit Data Driven School:
Drives our instruction and assessments. Made AYP !

14 FY 2008 Language Arts AYP Year to Year Comparison
Percentage of Students Proficient

15 FY 2008 Mathematics AYP Year to Year Comparison
Percentage of Students Proficient

16 Thank You! For more information, please contact: Connie Tracy
Sarah Paulson

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