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Mental / Emotional Health

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1 Mental / Emotional Health

2 Do Now: If you were to use five adjectives to label the type of person you are what would they be. In your journal, take five minutes to think of those five adjectives and write them down. Does your thoughts paint a positive or negative picture of yourself.

3 Mental Health What is Mental Health?
Generally having a positive outlook, being comfortable with yourself and others, and being able to meet life’s challenges and demands. Being Mentally Healthy means to be able to cope, adapt, and thrive on many levels. Demonstrates strong values and responsible behaviors.

4 Characteristics of good Mental Health
Positive Self-Esteem Your Feelings of Confidence Sense of Belonging Promotes Comfort and assurance Sense of Purpose Achieving goals and engaging in activities that are personally rewarding Positive Outlook Reduces stress and increase your energy level Autonomy Promotes a sense of independence

5 Human needs Abraham Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs Physical Safety
Belonging Feeling Recognized Self-Actualization

6 Self Esteem The confidence and worth that you feel about yourself– is directly related to your general level of wellness How is Self Esteem Formed? Feed-back Messages from others that indicate who they think you are or what they think you are like. Self- Talk Positive self-talk Negative Self Talk

7 Personality What is Personality? What influences our personality
Complex set of characteristics that makes you unique What influences our personality Heredity Environment Modeling Personality & Behavior

8 Developing a Positive Identity
What is your sense of yourself as a unique individual Composed of : interests Likes & dislikes Talents & abilities Values & beliefs Goals

9 Do Now Using your adjective that you came up with in the beginning of class to describe yourself I want you to create a poster representing yourself that identifies your own personality and the influences on it.

10 Signs of good mental Health
Realistic about their strengths and weaknesses Responsible for their behavior Avoids high risk behaviors Open minded /flexible Fun loving and able to relax with others and alone Respects their own and others’ needs Respects everyone’s values as a human being Able to express their emotions Invest time and energy into nourishing relationships Puts talents and abilities to good use View change as a challenge and an oportunity

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