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-Boron(5) -Aluminum(13) -Gallium(31) -Indium(49) -Thallium(81)

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1 -Boron(5) -Aluminum(13) -Gallium(31) -Indium(49) -Thallium(81)
The Boron Family -Boron(5) -Aluminum(13) -Gallium(31) -Indium(49) -Thallium(81)

2 Boron Family 3 Outer Valence Electrons
Do not occur elementally in nature Are scarce in nature All metallic besides Boron(solid metalloid) All soft and have a low melting point except for Boron Chemically reactive at moderate temperatures

3 Boron Element no. 5 Atomic weight- 10.811 Color- Black/Brownish
Used for: fiberglass insulation, fertilization, road or safety flares, wood preservatives, shields radiation, used as an insecticide

4 Aluminum Atomic number 13 Metallic
Uses: Aircraft, machinery, engine blocks, engine components, tools, etc.

5 Gallium Atomic Number 31 Color- Silvery White Classification- Metallic
Used as a key component for LED Lights and lasers

6 Indium Atomic Number 49 Color- Silver Lustrous Gray
Classification- Metallic Gives off a high pitched scream when bent Useful for making low-melting alloys Produced mainly by Canada

7 Thallium Atomic Number- 81 Color- Silvery White
Classification- Metallic Resembles lead when left in open air Very soft and malleable, can be cut with a knife Toxic and can cause cancer

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