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Presentations and Group Work Study Skills Workshops 2015.

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1 Presentations and Group Work Study Skills Workshops 2015

2 Session outline Interpersonal skills Giving presentations – Considering the audience – Being prepared – Structuring your presentation – Confident delivery – Communications skills Group work – Working effectively with others – Strategies for managing groups

3 Interpersonal Skills Discussion questions – 5 minutes Make a list of all of the different scenarios at university that require use of interpersonal skills Why are students asked to give presentations? Why are students asked to work in groups?

4 Giving Presentations What makes a presentation ‘good’? What will the tutors be assessing? - ability to summarise key information - ability to structure an ‘argument’ - quality of preparation and delivery - use of supporting visuals

5 Consider Your Audience Purpose? Aims? Audience? Length?

6 Effective communication Never assume knowledge Give an overview – introduction Make sure your presentation is structured Check understanding & make sure your audience are still engaged – check body language Be aware of the language you are using Be flexible and adaptable, use a variety of media if possible and re-cap. Be enthusiastic!

7 Being Prepared Get your ideas down – mind maps, lists, diagrams Structure - Introduction, main content, conclusion, references Visual aids – power point, handouts Prepare prompt cards Rehearse

8 Structuring Your Presentation Title Introduction Main Body Conclusion Questions

9 Overcoming Nerves Often, students spend so much time worrying about the presentation, they leave little time to prepare what to say! -Preparation and rehearsals help -Arrive early -Check out the room first -Take water with you -Act confident! -Reflect & evaluate

10 Giving the talk Non-verbal communication Speak more slowly and loudly than you normally would Don’t apologise for anything you think could be better Look up and make eye contact to break down audience into individuals Use pauses to get your breath back!

11 Group Work Discussion - Identify one occasion when you were in a group that worked well. What made the group successful?

12 Creating a Team What practical steps can be taken to ensure effective group working? 1.Have a positive attitude 2.Get to know your team – identify strengths 3.Create a productive environment 4.Ground rules 5.Group working practices 6.Decide on roles within the group 7.Check understanding of the task 8.Establish goals 9.Share contact details 10.Agree meeting dates

13 Resources ASK website advice on presentations & group work – Learn Higher Resources – presentations/ – php

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