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Speed measures how fast position changes

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1 Speed measures how fast position changes
Section 1.2 Outline Speed measures how fast position changes

2 Position can change at different rates
speed: a measure of how fast something moves rate at which distance changes compared to time a measurement; can be fast or slow speed and position are related by time – speed measures how quickly position change

3 A. Calculating Speed objects that travel at different speeds move different distances in the same amount of time 2) S = d/t (S = speed, d = distance, t = time)

4 B. Average Speed speed is not constant; it is always changing
moment-to-moment speed (instantaneous) is difficult to measure easiest to calculate average speed over a distance

5 C. Distance-Time Graphs
shows how speed relates to distance and time shows how both distance and speed change with time a flat, or horizontal, line shows a speed of 0 m/s time is on horizontal, or x-axis and distance is on vertical, or y-axis

6 II. Velocity includes speed and direction
1) velocity: a speed in a specific direction 2) example: 3 m/s south

7 A. Velocity 1) to calculate, need both speed and direction
2) vector: a quantity that has both size and direction 3) represented by an arrow (size and direction)

8 B. Velocity versus speed
two objects may have same speed, but different velocities average speed depends on total distance traveled average velocity depends on total distance from starting point

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