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Chinese 1 Lesson plan Aug

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1 Chinese 1 Lesson plan Aug.26-30-13
Objectives: TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A, *Chinese course description, class expectation *To identify and say Chinese phonics, *To say and write family members in Chinese *To make sentence with sentence pattern: This is ___. * Conversation: Hello, how are you, I am fine. Thank you, and You?

2 Monday: Welcome to Chinese class!!
Class description and expectations 欢迎 Welcome!

3 Monday objectives: Students in group of 3 to study the class description and rules they assigned. Students present to class what they learn about class description and rules. The teacher introduce the procedures to make the cover and bottom of their binder and grammar book. Done. Good behavior.

4 dialogues 你好!我叫_________. 你呢?Hi, My name is_____. How about you?
Nǐ hǎo! Wǒ jiào_________. Nǐ ne? 你好! 我叫___________. Hi, My name is___ Nǐ hǎo! Wǒ jiào

5 Tuesday objectives TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A,
Students will be able to pronounce their name in Chinese. Teacher will introduce new words: family members Students make a foldable and copy down all the new words in their foldable. Students practice the new words in pair. Voc. Quiz tomorrow: dad, mom, elder sister, young sister Home work: practice reading the new words and at home.

6 Get your Chinese name BHS
Arenas Gizel Lizbeth 丽沙白lì shā bái Bolander Louis Andrew 安德鲁āndélǔ Bolton Soleil Esperanza 希望xīwàng Brakeley Emerson Elaine Lewis Caudillo Joseph Andrew安德鲁āndélǔ Hernandez Angel Saul 扫罗sǎo luō Jimenez Ramon Guillermo Juarez Ulises Robert罗伯特luōbótè Le matthew Van 文wén Lim kailean Minmae 咪咪mī mī Matatall Nicolette Jeanne珍妮zhēnnī Rasbury Alexander Michael 麦克màikè Sturgeon John Thanh 他 Tapia Juan Pablo保罗 bǎoluó Samuel:

7 Get to know your Chinese name RHS
Cunningham aiden drake 得瑞克 Mann Aubrey lynn 09 梅琳 O‘steen Riley Allan Jerrald 杰纳德 Dearmon Ka-veonne Isaiah Rashad 拉沙德 Turner Brent Daniel 丹尼尔 Mitchell Kahlan Rose 玫瑰 Raganit Joey Ron 瑞荣 Tucker Douglas Dale 戴尔 Compton Jared Alexander 亚力山大 Schedler Sydney Caroline 石卡兰 Shaw Daniel Jacob 肖杰克 Hudson Tristan Nathaniel 胡纳山 Morris Hunter William 莫维廉 West Cassidy Nicole 卫妮可 Wilson Sarah Kendall 威肯德尔 Weiss Katie lynette 魏琳体 Taing Diane 泰戴安

8 Family members 爸爸Bà Ba dad 妈妈Māmā mom 妹妹Mèimei younger sister 姐姐 elder sister

9 conversation 你好! Nǐ hǎo hello 我叫_________. Wǒ jiào_____ My name is__.
( 我叫Tom. I am Tom.) 再见!Zàijiàn Good bye!

10 Wednesday objectives TEKS:1A,1B, 2A
Review the new words: dad, mom, big sister, little sister, Learn 4 new words: grandpa, grandma, big brother, little brother. Review the sentence patterns: 这是+family member Example: 这是我妈妈。This is my mom。 Please make a foldable and talk about your family members, at least 4 people.

11 Sentence pattern This is …. 这是_________.
This is mom/ dad/ big sister/little sister. 这是爸爸/妈妈/妹妹/姐姐.

12 New words 弟弟Dìdì younger brother 哥哥 gege elder brother
奶奶Nǎinai grandma 爷爷Yéye grandpa

13 Thursday objectives Teks: 1a, 2a, 2b, 3a Review new words Voc.quiz
Make foldable: Write down new words and make a sentence with each new word. It is due Friday.

14 Words are: 1. 爸爸 2. 妈妈 3.爷爷 4.奶奶 5.哥哥 6.姐姐 7.弟弟 8.妹妹
1. 爸爸 妈妈 3.爷爷 奶奶 5.哥哥 姐姐 7.弟弟 妹妹 Sentence is: This is….这是+family member

15 Friday Objectives TEKS: 2A, 3A, 5A
 Ghost Month project (Aug. 7 to Sep. 4 western calendar) The students will go to the library and do a research on Chinese Ghost month. The students should turn in their project draft next Monday. The research paper is a test grade. It is due Sep. 6.  Your foldable is due today.

16 Voc.quiz: Next Monday Please put English after each word
1. 爸爸 妈妈 3.妹妹 爷爷 5.姐姐 哥哥 7.弟弟 奶奶





21 Ghost month Project rubrics
1. What is Chinese Halloween? When is Chinese Halloween?  2.  How long will Chinese Halloween last? What will Chinese people do to celebrate Chinese Halloween? 3.   What are the characters in Chinese Halloween? 4.What are the taboos in Chinese Ghost Month? 5. What is the difference between Chinese Ghost Month and western Halloween? Please name three. Send your project to Ms. Wu’s address:

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