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Short Story and Literary Terms

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1 Short Story and Literary Terms
ENG1P Short Story and Literary Terms


3 What is the PLOT of a story?
What happens in a story; the organized order of events in a story; The format of a story usually follows a similar structure… Example: think of shows like “House”, “CSI”, “Criminal Minds”, etc…


5 #1: INTRODUCTION The first few sentences, paragraphs or pages of a story, where we are introduced to the characters and the setting, and the action begins.

6 #2: RISING ACTION Conflict, struggle and action occurs;
Complications arise during this part of the plot.

The moment when events turn, for the last time, either for or against the protagonist. When the MAIN CONFLICT reaches it’s highest point of tension (excitement!).

8 #4: FALLING ACTION After the turning point, the level of tension decreases as the conflicts are resolved. This is usually the shortest section of the plot. Sometimes there is very little to no falling action

How the story ends!

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