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Reading I’d love to sail across the Pacific. Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?

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1 Reading I’d love to sail across the Pacific. Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?

2 Talk about your hopes and dreams. I hope to get a good mark in the exam.

3 I hope to have my own computer.

4 My dream is to become a famous singer.

5 My dream is to walk on the moon.


7 sail Pacific finding as soon as possible continue one of the biggest oceans to travel on water by ship go on happening/ doing something learnt as the result as quickly/early as one can Match the new words and phrases with the right meanings.

8 programming translator sportspeople conclusion attitude come true a person who translate from one language to another planning the system for a computer ways of thinking, feeling or behaving a person who plays or enjoys sports; cause to become into reality the end; decision; agreement

9 1a Think of an example of a hope and a dream. Do you think hopes and dream are the same? A HOPEA DREAM 1b Read slowly. Underline the information that you think is important to remember.

10 1. Are everybody’s dreams the same? 2. What is the most popular choice of job according to the survey? Read and answer. No, they aren’t. Computer programming.

11 3. What would many students like to do at the 2008 Olympics as volunteers? 4. Where would the girl student love to sail in the passage? She would love to sail across the Pacific Ocean. They would like to work as translators or tour guides.

12 dream 可以用作可数名词, 意为 “ 梦想 ” 。 He wants to own a computer, but it's only a dream now. 他想拥有一台电脑,但现在只是梦想而已。 dream 可以指夜晚睡觉时做的梦, 常用于 have a dream about... 结构中, 意为 “ 梦见 ……” 。 I had a dream about my old school last night. 昨晚我梦见了我的母校。

13 dream 可以用作动词,意为 “ 梦想 ” ,常用于 dream of / about sth. 或 “dream of / about doing sth. 短语中。 He dreams of becoming a famous violinist one day. 他梦想有朝一日成为著名的小提琴家。

14 dream 还可以意为 “ 做梦, 梦见 ” ,常用于 “dream of / about sth.” 或 “dream + (that) 引导的从句 ” 中。 I dreamed of you last night. 昨晚我梦见你了。 I often dream that I go back to my hometown. 我经常梦见我回到了故乡。

15 It is very important to dream, so hold on to your dreams; one day they may just come true. 1 ) hold on 坚定,坚持 You must hold on to your ideas. 你一定要坚持你的想法。 I don't think I can hold on much longer. 我觉得自己坚持不了多长时间了。 2 ) hold on (电话用语)别挂断,等一下 Hold on, please. 请不要挂断。

16 3a Read only the parts you underlined. Do you get a clear picture of the content? If not, read it again slowly and underline more key points.

17 3b Read faster for the second time. How many of the questions can you answer without looking back at the reading?

18 1.Why do some students want to start work as soon as possible? 2. What is important to students about the work they do? 3. What example is given of an impossible dream? Because they want to help look after their families. They want to enjoy the work they do. To be able to fly.

19 Discussion Discuss the following questions in small groups with reference to the reading. 1.Is there anyone in the world who does not hope or dream? 2.Might the dreams of Chinese teenagers be different from others? 3.Can dream come true?

20 Free talk Four of you form a group to discuss the questions and make a list of your dreams on a piece of paper. 1. Do you have hopes and dreams? What are they? Why do you have it? 2. How can you achieve your dreams?

21 Write down a dream you have. Share your thoughts with a friend who might help you see how you could achieve this dream. Together list the small steps you could take to do so.

22 I can achieve that: working hard at school to learn as much as I can. finding out how successful people did it. choosing to study the right subjects at university having a ”winner’s” attitude: I can do this! I’d love to have my own company one day.

23 Improve your reading ability and learn more from what you read. Start today! Tell someone about something that you have read each day.

24 My dream I wish I could be a cook, Turning the pages of my recipe book. Thinking and making food, And eating half of it according to my mood( 情绪 ). I wish I could be a toy maker, Making different toys for others. And as far as I’m concerned I shall make a rabbit for myself.

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