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Transit Safety.

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1 Transit Safety

2 Stay Back from the Track
If you are traveling by train or subway, stay back from the tracks. Do not cross tracks except in designated areas. Never walk along the tracks as a shortcut to get to where you are going. Do not hop a train that is moving. Never walk or drive around guard rails because you don’t see a train. Never climb on to the tracks if you drop something. Ask for assistance.

3 Be Alert Look around and be aware of the people around you. Many people get attacked or robbed when they are looking at or talking on their phones. Move away from people who behave strangely or seem threatening. Hold onto your belongings. Keep a purse under your arm. Keep a wallet in your front pocket.

4 Safety in Numbers Don’t stand off by yourself in lonely areas of the station. Stand near people who seem safe. Don’t enter an empty car. Move to another car if the car you are in becomes empty. Stand near the ticket counter or a transit employee if you see one. Sit near the front of the car, bus or train so you can ask the driver or conductor for assistance.

5 Keep Your Distance Question: How can you stand near people and keep your distance? Answer: Keep your distance from anyone who doesn’t seem okay. Avoid making eye contact with people who are acting inappropriately. Back away from someone who approaches you and seems to stand to close. Remember: Adults should never ask young people for help.

6 Yell and Tell If someone approaches you in a way that makes you feel unsafe, step back and tell them loudly to “Go away. I don’t know you,” or say, “Leave me alone!” If necessary, go directly up to the ticket counter or transit employee and announce that someone is not leaving you alone. “I don’t know this person. Tell them to leave me alone.”

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