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Using skype for business to share desktops

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1 Using skype for business to share desktops
This presentation will show you how to share your desktop through Skype for Business (previously Lync) with one or multiple users.

2 Step 1: making your connection
Log into Skype for Business 2015 and search for the user by name or address. Hover over their picture to uncover the options you see in the image to the left. Choose the first image to start a chat session.

3 If you would like to present to multiple people, just invite them to join the chat by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the session and adding them. There is no limit to how many people you can create a session with.

4 Step 2: presenting your desktop
Next, click on the monitor icon in the bottom of the chat window and choose Present Desktop from the top of the list. You can also see your other options in the image here, i.e. Present PowerPoint Files, Present Programs, or Add Attachments.

5 Step 3: choose what to display
Here you will choose which monitor to present if you have more than one and then click on Present to make your screen available to the other user. Then, click OK on the following FYI box.

6 Step 4: giving control You will now see a toolbar at the top of the monitor you chose to present. Drop down the Give Control menu and choose the Attendee from the list that you want to pass control to. That person will now have control of your desktop.

7 Step 5: taking your desktop back
When you are finished presenting, click on the Give Control dropdown menu again and choose Take Control Back. Your session will still be open but you will now have control again. When you are ready to end the presentation, click the Stop Presenting button.

8 notes: You can find Skype for Business 2015 in the Microsoft Office folder in Start – All Programs or by typing Skype in the Start menu search box. Depending on how up-to-date your computer is, you may still have Lync and not Skype for Business Microsoft renamed the program and made small cosmetic changes to the interface. However, Lync still includes the ability to present your desktop and the steps to do so are very similar. Therefore, if you are using Lync, your program will look a little different than the images I used. You can find this presentation on our website( under the Programs – IT Support – Office 365 Information menus.

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