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Early Christian and Byzantine

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1 Early Christian and Byzantine
The Worshipping Community Early Christian and Byzantine Chapters 8+9, Nuttgens, Story of Architecture

2 Santa Costanza Rome c.350 fig130 Chapter 8+9 Architectural History

3 Catacombs off the Via Latina, Rome 4th century
Christians did not adopt Roman cremation but wanted to be buried, near an apostle’s grave Chapter 8+9 Architectural History fig131

4 Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome 432-440
fig132 Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome Basilica plan with nave arcaded in classical trabeated style: lintels rest on columns Chapter 8+9 Architectural History

5 Santa Sabina, Rome 422-430 Nave arcaded by arches resting on pillars
fig133 Santa Sabina, Rome Nave arcaded by arches resting on pillars Opens up the plan Chapter 8+9 Architectural History

6 Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
Built by Constantine Replaced apse at the end by an octagonal chapel Chapter 8+9 Architectural History fig134

7 Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem 326-333

8 Old Basilica of St. Peter, Rome c.330
Replaced vaults with simple walls and columns holding up wooden roofs Built over the graves of a saint – holy person Chapter 8+9 Architectural History fig135

9 San Apolinare in Classe, Ravenna c. 534-549
Free-standing campanile – bell tower Earliest example of a round tower Chapter 8+9 Architectural History

10 Mausoleum of Galla Placida, Ravenna 420
Interior burst of colourful Byzantine mosaics fig137 Chapter 8+9 Architectural History

11 St. Simeon Stylites Amalgamation of congregational basilica with centralized shrine Chapter 8+9 Architectural History

12 Europe 530 AD

13 Europe 814 AD

14 San Vitale Ravenna Italy (532-548)
Entry San Vitale Ravenna Italy ( )

15 San Vitale Ravenna Italy (532-548)
Aerial View

16 San Vitale, Ravenna (Interior)

17 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (532-537) Plan and Satellite Photo

18 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Sections)
Cross-Section Longitudinal-Section

19 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Isometric)
Cross-Section Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Isometric)

20 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (532-537) External Views

21 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Ext. Overview)

22 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (532-537) Interior Views

23 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (532-537) Dome

24 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Details)

25 Monastery Church, Daphni
Each area developed its own version of Hagia Sophia Monastery Church, Daphni fig147

26 Hosios Loukas Monastery
The cross-plan is expressed on the exterior by separate pan-tiled roofs over the different sections

27 Byzantine Churches Mistra - fortified town contains the Palace to the last Byzantine emperor and was a centre of Byzantine scholarship Church of St. Theodore Megistis Lavras - one of 20 monasteries on the island of Mount Athos

28 St. Mark’s, Venice Refugees from the barbarian hordes crossed the Adriatic lagoons to create Venice. St. Mark’s is a Greek-cross, five-domed church based on Justinian’s Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople The magnificent facade has three tiers of semicircular shapes with 5 deep-set doorways between a two-tier paling of little pillars; five rounded gable ends with ogee eyebrows

29 St. Mark’s Venice Lead covered domes with garlic-bulb finials.
Inside, it is entirely sheathed in a molten skin of gold mosaic

30 Ani Cathedral, Armenia Ani, capital of Armenia, was once the city of a thousand churches; now abandoned to grassland Reconstruction

31 Ani Cathedral, Armenia

32 Santa Sophia, Kiev The Russian contribution to the Byzantine style is the onion dome which swells outward before curving inward. Santa Sophia was originally built with one large dome and 12 smaller apostle domes but was elaborated with extra aisles and domes

33 St. Basil’s, Moscow Built by Ivan the Terrible in 1550
A cluster of smaller domes surrounds the central dome The many-coloured tiling was added in the 17th century

34 St. Basil’s, Moscow

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