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Scientists are trained to sterilise their writing style VŠEM The Virtual 3d Social Experience Museum Dieter Merkl Electronic.

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1 Scientists are trained to sterilise their writing style VŠEM The Virtual 3d Social Experience Museum Dieter Merkl Electronic Commerce Group Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems Vienna University of Technology Favoritenstraße 9-11/188-1. 1040 Vienna. Austria/Europe Fax: +43 (1) 58801 - 18899

2 2 Im going to... tell you something about the WHATs of the project some ideas about the HOWs will come later but thats up to Doron, Max and Martin finally, perhaps, Ill talk a little about real museums and virtual museums and why I guess that all this somehow might make sense... in one way or another relax, have fun, have a look

3 What I really wanted to talk about 3

4 This picture Jan van Eyck (1395 – 1441) The Arnolfini Marriage 1434 Oil on oak panel 82.2 cm x 60 cm National Gallery, London 4

5 Lots to say about this picture... 5

6 6

7 7

8 8

9 9

10 ... but havent found the time :-( because of other things to do like correcting exams like doing lectures like discussing about a Johann Strauß project like accompanying kids to dentist like learning biology, geography,... like going to cinema like reading about astrophysics like listening to music like... 10

11 The 1930s in Europe You might think about...... but there are also 11

12 A little further back in history 12

13 Bad boys at school 13

14 Sarajevo, 28 June 1914 14

15 Sarajevo, later that day 15

16 Serbien muß sterbien 16

17 Smile 17

18 Vienna, 30 November 1916 18

19 1918, almost end of war 19

20 Post-war poverty 20

21 Post-war starvation 21

22 Post-war unemployment 22

23 Population density 23

24 Social housing in Vienna 24

25 Karl Marx Hof 25

26 Social democratic party 26

27 Christian social party 27

28 NSDAP 28

29 May 1930, Korneuburger Eid Wir wollen Österreich von Grund auf erneuern! Wir wollen den Volksstaat des Heimatschutzes. Wir fordern von den Kameraden: den unverzagten Glauben ans Vaterland, den rastlosen Eifer der Mitarbeit und die leidenschaftliche Liebe zur Heimat. Wir verwerfen den westlichen demokratischen Parlamentarismus und den Parteienstaat. Wir wollen an seine Stelle die Selbstverwaltung der Stände setzen und eine starke Staatsführung die nicht aus Parteienvertretern, sondern aus den führenden Personen der großen Stände und aus den fähigsten und den bewährtesten Männern unserer Volksbewegung gebildet wird. Wir kämpfen gegen die Zersetzung unseres Volkes durch den marxistischen Klassenkampf und liberal-kapitalistische Wirtschaftsgestaltung. Jeder Kamerad fühle und bekenne sich als Träger der neuen deutschen Staatsgesinnung; er sei bereit Gut und Blut einzusetzen, er kenne die drei Gewalten: den Gottesglauben, seinen eigenen harten Willen, das Wort seiner Führer. 29

30 Korneuburger Eid - translation by Google Language Tools We want to Austria from the ground to renew! We want the people of the state heritage. We urge the comrades: unshrinking faith to the fatherland, the tireless zeal for work and the passionate love of the homeland. We reject the Western democratic parliamentary party and the state. We want his body to the government of the stands and a strong governance not based on party representatives, but from the leading persons of the large booths and the most skilled and best men of our grassroots movement is formed. We are fighting against the degradation of our people by the Marxist class struggle and liberal-capitalist economic organization. Every comrade feel and confess themselves as promoters of the new German state of mind, he was good and ready to use blood, he knew the three powers: the faith of God, his own fierce determination, the word of its leaders. 30

31 May 1932, Dollfuß chancellor 31

32 ban to wear uniform, 1933 32

33 Riccione, August 1933 33

34 Vienna, September 1933 34

35 Dollfuß speaks 35

36 February 1934 36

37 Karl Marx Hof 37

38 July 1934 38

39 July 1934, Schuschnigg chancellor 39

40 The Schuschnigg government 40

41 Monument of the Republic 41

42 Smile 42

43 Why this title for the presentation? follow to Online Stuff follow to Communications and Computing follow to Dumbing down science The full quote Scientists are trained to sterilise their writing style, with any evidence of literary talent deliberately anaesthetised. It is as if writing in the passive voice will somehow enhance the objectivity of the data by diverting attention from the human hand behind the experiment. And when the subject we is invoked in the scientific text, it certainly does not extend to the public. 43

44 The argument Science involves people There is always a story behind When scientists communicate they leave out the story they talk jargon they lose the general public as audience Use ICT to tell the story Interact with the general public That does not mean to banalise science 44

45 Museum Function of a Museum: collect, conserve, research, exhibit The museum was designed by people for people. Its use is voluntary, but requires a personal need and familiarity with its particular language. Its guests are lay people who want to spend their spare time usefully and pleasantly. In order for the museum to provide the best possible service, it must know the attitudes and desires of its audience. Museum visits are mainly joint/shared experiences. 45

46 Virtual Museum Provide contents that is otherwise not available (or that is not accessible in the real museum) Use the Internet for more than as a mere storage medium i.e. as a medium enabling interaction and creativity 46

47 Goals Provide explanations around artifacts of an exhibition Connect artifacts of an exhibition to others (e.g. to ones that are for whatever reason not available in the exhibition) Invite visitors to interact with the artifacts Invite visitors to share their thoughts about the exhibition Invite visitors to contribute artifacts Create a living exhibition as a learning space 47

48 Wien Museum 48

49 Powerhouse 49

50 Powerhouse, online resources 50

51 Powerhouse, object of the week 51

52 Powerhouse, tag cloud 52

53 Powerhouse, Delta Goodrem 53

54 Science Museum, online stuff 54

55 SL, Royal Museum of Art 55

56 SL, Royal Museum of Art 56

57 Summary The project is up to...... tell stories about Austrian history in the 1930s... involve visitors in telling these stories... tell stories with mixed media... immerse the visitor in a 3d collaborative environment We expect to...... gain experience with 3d mixed media exhibitions... gain experience with visitor interaction 57

58 Questions? 58

59 Thank you! 59

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