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Introduction to Physical Science--Vocabulary. Experiment.

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1 Introduction to Physical Science--Vocabulary

2 Experiment

3  An organized procedure for testing a hypothesis

4 Independent or manipulated variable

5  The factor adjusted by the experimenter.

6 Responding or dependent variable

7  The factor whose value changes because of a change in the independent or manipulated variable.

8 Control variable

9  The factor that does not change in the experiment projects/project_variables.shtml#examples projects/project_variables.shtml#examples

10 Control Group

11  A standard of comparison needed to draw a meaningful conclusion.

12 Trial

13  The act of testing, or putting to the proof.

14 Repeated trials

15  Multiple experiments of same process to insure accuracy of data

16 Hypothesis

17  A testable prediction

18 Procedures

19  The sequence of instructions followed in solving a problem.

20 Data evidence

21  A single piece of information from which a conclusion can be drawn.

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