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Bamberg and its University - a great place to study abroad!

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1 Bamberg and its University - a great place to study abroad!

2 The City of Bamberg Approx. 70.000 inhabitants
The Old Town is over years old 1993: Bamberg‘s Old Town is added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites Picturesque buildings in Baroque, Neo-Gothic and Romanesque style make Bamberg a popular tourist destination

3 Little Venice Bamberg Cathedral

4 St. Michaelsberg and the Rose Garden in the Neue Residenz
Sidewalk Cafés

5 But Bamberg has more to offer...
Bamberg is home to the current German Basketball Champions, nine local breweries, the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, E.T.A. Hoffmann Theater ... ... and, of course, a great university!

6 The University of Bamberg
Founded in 1647 Approx students An international enrollment of 6% Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs available Top positions in various recent rankings Home to 5 libraries and various research facilities

7 A university with a special atmosphere
Excellent Student Services Home to a World Heritage Site Nature at Your Doorstep Cultural Opportunities

8 University Administrators
From left to right: Vice President Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Guido Wirtz, Chancellor Dr. jur. Dagmar Steuer-Flieser, Vice President Prof. Dr. phil. Sebastian Kempgen, President Prof. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. habil. Godehart Ruppert

9 4 Faculties Social Sciences, Business Administration and Economics
Humanities Social Sciences, Business Administration and Economics Human Sciences and Education Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences

10 GuK | Faculty of the Humanities
Archaeology, Art History and Heritage Conservation Catholic Theology Classical Studies Communication Studies English and American Studies European Ethnology Geography German Studies History Philosophy Oriental Studies Romance Studies Slavic Studies

11 Huwi | Faculties of Human Sciences and Education
Pedagogy (incl. Adult and Further Education and Social Work) Psychology Teacher Training for all school types (primary and secondary education)

12 SoWi | Faculties of Social Sciences, Business Administration
SoWi | Faculties of Social Sciences, Business Administration and Economics Business Administration Economics & Business Education European / International Business Studies European Economic Studies Political Science Sociology Statistics and Econometrics

13 WIAI | Faculties of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences
Business Information Systems Applied Computer Science Media Studies and Information Systems Computing in the Humanities Cognitive Systems

14 Research at the university ... and beyond
Interdisciplinary research networks and centers ZEMAS: Center for Medieval Studies ZIS: Center for Interreligious Studies NEPS: National Education Panel Study ifb: Bavarian State Institute for Family Research TRAc - Trimberg Research Academy BAGSS – Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences Research-based applications and problem solving for the community Industry and Business Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Controlling, Logistics, Strategic Management Education, Politics, Social Services Analysis, consulting and tailored concepts in social sciences and education research

15 University Engagement in the Community
Integral part of the cultural life in the city of Bamberg and the greater area Bamberg Hegel Week Night of Research Kids Uni – University for Children Music at the University Literature at the University Bamberg Poetics Professorship

16 International Outreach
Strong international orientation in research and degree programs Degree programs with international focus, e.g. European Economic Studies, International Business Administration, European Joint Master‘s Degree Awarded the European Medal by the European People‘s Party in 2001 Worldwide network with more than 260 partner universities in 57 countries About 40% of our students spend at least one semester abroad

17 Special Offers for Exchange Students
Welcome Day and Course Opening The International Office will hold a mandatory reception event to welcome all students to Bamberg 3 Week Preparatory Course Prior to each semester (60hrs of intensive German language classes worth up to 8 ECTS credits, orientation program, excursions, support from tutors, introduction to Bamberg‘s university system etc.)

18 Special Offers for Exchange Students
Rooms in Student Residences All incoming exchange students are offered a room in one of Bamberg‘s student residences as part of their exchange application to Bamberg Tandem Program (Buddy Program) Incoming exchange students can be assigned a German tandem partner to help them acclimate to their new surroundings Trips and Excursions The International Office offers special trips at a reduced price throughout the semester (e.g. to Berlin, Munich, Bad Tölz, Neuschwanstein Castle,...) International Evenings and Pub Nights

19 Special Offers for Exchange Students
International Student Organizations Join international student organizations such as AEGEE or AIESEC German as a Foreign Language Classes Practice and improve your German in more than 20 different German language classes per semester (various proficiency levels available) Courses Taught in English The language of instruction in Bamberg is mostly German. However, a limited number of courses taught in English is available in some study areas (especially in Information Systems & Applied Computer Science, Business & Economics, Social Sciences, English & American Studies and General Linguistics).

20 So are you ready for Bamberg?

21 @
Further information: International Office Kapuzinerstr. 25 96045 Bamberg / Germany +49-(0) @  Studieren in Bamberg  Ich möchte nach Bamberg  Mit Austauschprogramm

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