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You’re supposed to shake hands. Section A ( 3a- 4 )

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1 You’re supposed to shake hands. Section A ( 3a- 4 )

2 CountriesCustoms 1. Brazil 2. the United States 3. Japan 4. Mexico 5. Korea a. bow b. Shake hands c. kiss c b a b a Make the similar conversations like this: A: What are people in Korea supposed to do when they meet for the first time? B: They’re supposed to bow.

3 Fill in the blanks according to 2b. Maria _____(have) dinner at an American friend’s house last night. She was supposed ___________(arrive) at 7:00, but she ________ (arrive) at 8:00. Because in her country, when you ____________(invite) for 7:00, your are supposed _________ (come) later. When she met Paul’s mom she ________(kiss) her, she _______(be) supposed ____________(shake) hands instead. And She should_____________(ask) what she was supposed ________(wear). had to arrived arrived are invited to come kissedwas to shake have asked to wear

4 Please read 3a quickly and answer the questions 1.Where is Teresa Lopez from? 2. Do people often drop by friends’ homes in Colombia? 3. Do people visit a friend’s house without calling first in Switzerland? She is from Cali, Colombia. Yes, they do. No, they don’t.

5 Read again and tell “T” or “F”. ( ) 1. You are supposed to get there on time if you are invited to a friend’s house in Colombia. ( ) 2. In Colombia people often visit their friends’ homes after calling them. ( ) 3. People often walk around the town center and they can see many friends in Colombia. ( ) 4. Some famous watches are made in Switzerland. ( ) 5. You can often drop by your friends’ homes in Switzerland. F F T T F


7 请读课文,找出下列短语或句子: 1. 在我们那儿,我们对时间相当宽松。 2. 对我们而言,与家人和朋友共度时间很重要。 3. 我们经常顺便拜访朋友的家。 4. 计划会见朋友 5. 尽可能多地见到我们的朋友。 6. 在瑞士准时是相当重要的, 毕竟我们是钟表之国. Where I’m from, we’re pretty relaxed about time. Spending time with family and friends is very important to us. We often just drop by our friends’ homes. make plans to meet friends See as many of our friends as we can. In Switzerland, it’s very important to be on time. We’re the land of watches, after all.

8 7. 没有先打电话。 8. 计划去做一些有趣的事 without calling first plan to do something interesting Useful phases: 1.drop by 顺便拜访 I _______ _____ to see you yesterday. 2. as …as sb. can=as…as possible 尽可能 … 我要尽快写信。 I will write __________________________. 你必须尽可能多地记单词。 You must try to remember _________ _____________________________. 3. without doing sth. 没有干 He left without ________(say) a word. as soon as (I can) possible as many words as (you can) possible saying dropped by

9 A: What kinds of rules do they have in Colombia? ( 在哥伦比亚他 们有什么规定? ) B: Well, they have pretty relaxed rules. A: Like what? B: Well, it’s OK if you’re not on time. 1.They often drop by their friends’ homes. 2. They don’t have to make plans to meet friends.

10 II.1. 第一次 2. 被期望,应该 3. 来晚了 4. 用错误的方式问候某人 5.drop by 6.after all 7.shake hands 8.plan to do sth. /make plans to do sth. 9. an exchange 10. should have asked 11. as many, as 12. pretty relaxed about

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