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Vocational orientation 2006 / 2007 2007 / 2008 2008 / 2009 Dr.-Jaufmann-Volksschule Bobingen HAUPTSCHULE.

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1 vocational orientation 2006 / 2007 2007 / 2008 2008 / 2009 Dr.-Jaufmann-Volksschule Bobingen HAUPTSCHULE

2 apprenticeships 200720082009 trade agricultural mechanic11 baker11 bookbinder141 bricklayer1 building worker1 butcher121 car mechanic31 carpenter1 chef111 confectioner1 construction worker2 farmer1 hair stylist221 heating installer2 industrial mechanic47 machinist1 mechatronic171 metal removal worker13 metal worker2 painter54 roofer12 technical engineer11 toolmaker1 200720082009 skilled manual work electronic technician2 skilled worker paper ind.1 warehouseman12 body part builder1 sales assistants1473 white-collar work bakers' shop assistant131 banker1 dental assistant11 forwarding merchant1 interior designer1 medical secretary223 nurse1 receptionist1 secretary52 systems mechanic1 profession soldier1 265821



5 activities – projects

6 Mr. Z Erich Zitzmann school social worker

7 school social worker Erich Zitzmann careers officer Manfred Brieger


9 formproject / activities 5 / 6 5 / 6subject AWT (Arbeit Wirtschaft Technik) vocational orientated education content: work in personal experience fieldthrough school year visiting factoriessome 7 7getting to know various jobsthrough school year short work placementsdays or weeks factory toursseveral *additional certificate about key qualifications1 school year experience in practical orientated subjects like handicrafts, home economics…1 school year additional certificates for participating in school clubs like first aid, becoming city guides, school theatre, conflict manager1 school year technology workshop1 day carpentry workshop1 afternoon * continued in following school years

10 formproject / activities 8 8*introduction of PORTFOLIO – vocational diarythrough school year visiting factoriesseveral attending career counselling in school and job centre/employment office attending Federal employment officevoluntary job application training1 week work placement in 2 different jobs during school terms evaluated by teacher 2 weeks *skills Assessment Centre through external specialists1 week high ropes course3 days sponsorship through life- and job experienced volunteers from outside schoolthrough 2 school years and longer participation/cooperation in student company – certificatethrough school year job application training through external specialists two times metal processing course40 hours careers market1 evening * continued in following school years

11 formproject / activities 9 9career counsellor at school once a week factory toursseveral job application training through external specialists1 day good conduct trainingseveral afternoons work placement1 week.. ff.. class for practical aims1 school year improvement of application documents through information by technology teacherssuccessive 10Compassion-project 10Compassion-project 2 lessons a week assistance through social workercontinuously teachers are absolving continuing professional development cooperating with business circle working groups and cooperation with vocational training school CPD – continuing professional development

12 1 ausgezeichnet = very well developed 2 gut ausgeprägt = well developed 3 noch angemessen = satisfactory 4 gering ausgeprägt = slightly distinctive attitude to work reliability ability for team work manners


14 Assessment-training high ropes course in cooperation with the university – sports faculty

15 team building personality development problem solving training decisions training soft skills training change perspectives increase perception fairness / cooperation / confidence / take responsibility cope with resistance


17 KOMMUNIKATIONSFÄHIGKEIT Gesamturteil: a) Hört er / sie gut zu? Beobachtung: Er / sie… ________________________________________________________________ b) Reagiert er / sie auf Anweisungen? Beobachtung: Er / sie… ________________________________________________________________ c) Fragt er / sie nach, wenn er / sie etwas nicht versteht? Beobachtung: Er / sie ______________________________________________________________ TEAMFÄHIGKEIT Gesamturteil: GRUPPENBEWERTUNG Wie hat die GRUPPE ihre Aufgaben gelöst? Gesamturteil: Feedbackrunde - Er / Sie hört sich still deine Meinung an. - Keine Diskussion über die Beobachtungen! - Achte darauf,… … dass du mit etwas Positivem beginnst. … dass du niemanden beleidigst- … dass du der Person in die Augen schaust- … dass du die Person mit du und dem Vornamen ansprichst-

18 Thank you for your attention !

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