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Head Teacher: Olaf Rodowald

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1 Head Teacher: Olaf Rodowald
Class 1b Gimnazjum Spoleczne Milanowskiego Towarzystwa Edukacyjnego Head Teacher: Olaf Rodowald 1.Patryk Berus 2.Mikolaj Borkowski 3.Maciej Jurczak 4. Dorota Jutkiewicz 5. Karolina Kolinek 6. Oskar Kulik 7. Joanna Maliszewska 8. Olga Piotrkowicz 9. Aleksandra Piotrowska 10. Lukasz Pniewski 11. Kamila Raksimowicz 12. Anna Rundsztuk 13. Stas Solon 14. Kuba Wapniarski 15. Monika Wisniewska 16. Weronika Wojcik 17. Agnieszka Zukowska This is Poland

2 Hi. My name is Agnieszka. I’m 13 years old
Hi. My name is Agnieszka. I’m 13 years old. I live in Grodzisk near Warsaw. I’m going to lower secondary school. My favourite subject is biology. I like animals. I have a hamster and dog. I like meet my friend. I like listen to music and read books. I like ride a horse and ride a bike. Home

3 Dorota Jutkiewicz Hi! My name is Dorota. I live in Komorow (near Warsaw). I am 13 years old. I have brother his name is Piotr. He is 19 years old. I have got 2 pets Pusia and Gipsy. In school my favourite subject are Maths and P.E. In my free time a like meeting with my fiends. I like reading a books. My favourite book is „Pamiętnik narkomanki”. My is - pleas write to me  !! Home

4 My names Kuba Wapniarski
I’m 13 years old I' love fire end explosion material I' have Big Bomb .I' like Have Metal and Hard Core Hi HOME

5 Hi! My name is Kamila. I live in Milanowek, it’s a small town near Warsaw. I’m 13 years old. I’m going to lower secondary school. My favourite subjects are Maths & History. I very like listening to music. My favourite band is NIRVANA. I’ going to class B year 1st. I like reading books, my favourite is „Adrian Mole’s Secret Diary” written by Sue Townsend. If you want to write to me this is my e- mail: This is me in Egypt  HOME

6 It’s me! I hope that you will like me.
I collect cactus. My name is Karolina Kolinek. I’m 13. I live in Podkowa Lesna near Warsaw, with my parents and younger sister. I have 3 cats too. My hobby is music, classical of course. I play the violin in music school. I like very much reading books. My favorite writer is E. Niziurski and Agatha Christie. I haven’t got exactly plans for future yet, but I think that it will be have to do with music. I hope that you will like me. My HOME

7 Monika Wiśniewska Hay! My name is Monika. I live in Milanowek. I am
thirteen years old. I like play volleyball and basket ball. I like listen to music and trip at cinema. My favourite subject is Biology and Sport. I have a sibling. Younger brother and sister. There name is Patrick and Agnes. I hope than we can be a friends. HOME

8 I’am Mikołaj Piotr Borkowski. I’m thirteen years old
I’am Mikołaj Piotr Borkowski. I’m thirteen years old. I love fantasy literature. Becouse it’s very interesting and it have advantages of many another kinds of literature. I write book similar to the Tolkien’s „Lord of the rings” and Sapkowski’s „Sage about wiedzmin”. If I have free time I’m painting weapon, buildings or races from my book. I hope we make friends HOME

9 Ola Piotrowska HOME Hello!
My name is Ola Piotrowska and I’m 13. I’m from Poland and I live in Komorow (it’s near Warsaw) I’ve got one younger sister Marta. She’s 11. I like very much playing volleyball, tennis and basketball.In my future I want to be a psychologists. Thank you to read my story and I want to meet you very much...! Bye bye ! HOME

10 Olga Piotrkowicz Hello!
I don’t know who are you, but I want to meet you. Now I write something about me! Me...! My name is Olga. I’m 13 years old. I’m from Poland. I live in Komorow. This place is near Warsaw. I have a brother. His name is Bartek. I have two dogs. Their names are Sonia and Jacky. My hobby are volleyball. I want to be a volleyball player. I love this sport. I am very cool =) I am very sociable. I want to meet you very much. Bye....bye...! HOME

11 What about me ? HOME Hi,my name is Ania Rundszuk.I’m 13.
I go to the first class of Lower High School. I live in small city near the capital of Poland (I think that you know what’s the capital of my country ???).what about my hobby ??? Hmm...I love sailing that’s my pasion ,but it is not only ma hobby the other is painting and drawing.I love doing that !!! And of course I love music rock, metal, blues, jazz, and of course sailing songs...but you can go with me on the disco I very like dancing and singing (but I can’t do it ). Oh I forgot it one the right you can see picture of my best friend Mike ... I think that it’s all. That’s my I hope that we will meet some day ... HOME

12 This is the city plan of Milanówek.
It’s me About Oskar Name: Oskar Surname: Kulik Sex: Male Age: 13 Hobby: Warhammer Fantasy Batlle, Playing on a guitar. Like: Computer Games, Internet, Spaghetti. Don’t like: Disco polo Music, Favourite Music Bands: Iron Maiden, Brygada Kryzys, System of a Down I’m going to the first class of the Lower High School in Milanowek and my favourite subjects are: P.E. And History HOME This is the city plan of Milanówek.

13 I’m Lukasz HOME Surname: Pniewski Age: 13 Phone number: (+48)505679780
Sex: Male Family: father, mother, 2 brothers Phone number: (+48) address:                                                                                            Hobbies: Tennis,’’Warhammer’’, Fantsy books, sailing. Favourite subjects: , maths, geography and art.. Favourite food: Pizza, chiniese food. HOME I collect Dark Elves

14 Stasio Solon I hope you send me an . My is: My name is Stasio Solon.I live in Brwinow. I’ve got two brothers-Paweł and Tadzio. I love listening to Metal music.My favourite bands are Metallica and Iron Maiden. In free time i’m playing football or painting Warhammer models.Sometimes I’m reading fantasy books. This is my hobby. HOME

15 Maciek Jurczak HOME Hi! My name is Maciek Jurczak, but my friends
called for me Kurczak ( in english chicken ). I'm thirteen yers old. I live in Milanówek,this is city near the Warsaw in Mazovia. MY E -MAIL I'm very like sports. My favourite sports is volleyball,football, skiing and Swimming. Hi! My name is Maciek Jurczak, but my friends called for me KURCZAK (in english chicken). I live in Milanówek.Milanówek, this is city near the Warsaw in Mazovia. I like listening the musik. My favourite bands are Red Hot Chilly Papers, Bon Jovi.Qeene and polish band Perfect HOME

16 Weronika Wojcik HOME My name is Weronika Wójcik. I’m 13 years old.
I live in Milanowek. I go to lower high school in Milanowek. My hobby are animals. I like ride a horse. My is: I have one younger brother and one younger sister. My brother has 10 years old and my sister has 6 years old. My favourite subject is German. HOME

17 About me HOME Name: Patryk Surname: Berus Sex: Man
School:lower high school in Milanowek Passions: football and music Favourite football club: Legia Warsaw Favourite band: AC/DC My city: Milanowek Family: mom, dad (as usuall), sister and dog called „Korek” HOME

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