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Class 1a 1)Agnieszka AntosikAgnieszka Antosik 2)Wojciech BakowskiWojciech Bakowski 3)Aneta BohdanAneta Bohdan 4)Michael CieslakMichael Cieslak 5)Michael.

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Presentation on theme: "Class 1a 1)Agnieszka AntosikAgnieszka Antosik 2)Wojciech BakowskiWojciech Bakowski 3)Aneta BohdanAneta Bohdan 4)Michael CieslakMichael Cieslak 5)Michael."— Presentation transcript:


2 Class 1a 1)Agnieszka AntosikAgnieszka Antosik 2)Wojciech BakowskiWojciech Bakowski 3)Aneta BohdanAneta Bohdan 4)Michael CieslakMichael Cieslak 5)Michael CiukMichael Ciuk 6)Joanna FlorczakJoanna Florczak 7)Patrik JaroszkiewiczPatrik Jaroszkiewicz 8)Natalia KisielewskaNatalia Kisielewska 9)Iga Lawrynowicz 10)Anna MarzecAnna Marzec 11)Cezary PokropekCezary Pokropek 12)Peter StankiewiczPeter Stankiewicz 13)Martyna SuchodolskaMartyna Suchodolska 14)Monica SzymanskaMonica Szymanska 15)Maja TomaszewskaMaja Tomaszewska 16)Slawomir ZiolkowskiSlawomir Ziolkowski Head teacher: Monica Tylenda School: Gimnazjum Spoleczne w Milanowku from Poland

3 Michael Ciuk Hi, Im thirteen. I have a cat and a dog I like home

4 ANETKA Hallo! I am Aneta and Im 13 years old. Im from Poland. I live in Grodzisk Mazowiecki near Warsaw. My hobbys are horses and snowboarding. I listening PUNK music. My favourite music teams are Nirvana, System of a down and Pidzama Porno. My favourite subject in the school is phisic. I like eating spinach and I dont like eating cauliflower. I am vegetarian. I have cat, rat, guinea pig and brother. Home

5 Me my Me and my life Hallo every one!!!! Ania Marzec. Brwinow in Poland. Milanowek. Asia Justyna. My name is Ania Marzec. Im a Virgo. I have 13 years old. For ten years I live Brwinow in Poland. I go to Lower High School in Milanowek. In that word Im not alone. I have two younger sisters.- Their names are Asia and Justyna. So... In my free time I often play with my dogs.- I have two sweets dogs. I like listen songs from 60s and 70s. My favourite colour is black and my the biggest dream is: go to New York. I like books about youth. In the future I want to be.... Really?- I dont know. In school I like polish, biology, chemistry. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So.... I think that is all. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!! home

6 My names Maja Tomaszewska and Im thirteen. I live in Milanowek in Poland. I like Maths, English and History. I dont like German. My passion are horses. I ride a horse four years. I ride a horse professionally. Next year I want to take part in jumping show. I have one horse and three dogs. I like books and films. In my free time I go to the cinema and I watch TV. I like comedies. My favorite programs are Animal Channel and Discovery. Im very friendly, nice and hard working. My e-mail: home

7 I m Slawek Ziolkowski and I m thierteen. I live in Milanowek. My favorite games is GTA III VC and THPS 4.My favorite music bands are: KAZIK, OZZY, IRON MADEN Home

8 Martyna Suchodolska Hi! My name is Martyna and Im 13.I live in Poland in Brwinow(this is small town near Warsaw). My hobby is horse-riding becouse when I do it I forget about all my problems.I like swimming, reading and painting,too and I love animals-I have a cat and a dog. My favourite subjects at school are Biology and English. My dreams are to have my own horse and to travel around the world. In the future I wont to be an actress Im optimist! E-mail: home

9 Hi! My name is Wojtek. I live in Poland, in Milanowek. I have sister Ola. She is twenty. I have dog and cat. My hobby is bmx. I like jumping and making trick on it. I like hip hop. My favourite group is Eminem, Peja, WNB, DKA. My e-mail adress is My sister Ola. Home

10 Name: Czarek Second name: Karol Surname: Pokropek Sex: Male Age: 14 Like: Pizza,(Italian Food) Spaghetti, Fear Factory (music). Don t like: Spinach, Cabbage, disco polo music. Hobby: Warhammer figuers, Fishing and Football. My E-Mail: home

11 Hi, Im Antosik, Agnes Antosik.Im a girl and Im thirteen.Ive lived in Grodzisk Mazowiecki since my birth.I was born on 4th of June. Id like to visit all the world and speak all languages, I like traveling.I like specific kind of music, I dont know the name, but my favourite bands are-,,Dead Can Dance,,,Cocteau Twins, and,,Massive Attack, besides, I like soundtracks. Im interested in ancient Egypt,breeds of dogs and cats and Geography.I love dogs especially Dobermans. I find a friend.If you want you can write to me. Its all, bye! Agnes Antosik....................................................................................... My e-mail: home

12 Monika Szymańska My name is Monika. I`m 13 years old. I live in Milanówek with my mum, dad and my jounger sister. I have a dog – Shadi. My hobby is playing the piano. My interests are windsurfing and sailling. I`m nice and friendly. My e-mail: home

13 Im Patryk Jaroszkiewicz and Im thierteen. I go to first class of lower high school. I live in Milanowek. I have many pets: a rabbit, 3 turtles, a dog and fishes. My hobby is military, scooter, animals, geology and computer games. My favourite music bands are: Lady Pank, Black Sabhat, A-ha, U2. In my free time i like playing with my pets. My favourite computer game is GTA:Vice City. home

14 Hey you people! I am Mike and I am a slave of lower high school.I am playing every kind of guitar and i like: ozzy Ozbourne, Iron Maiden and every metal music. I have got an electric Ibanez an elektro-acustic Crafter I like jazz, blues and every kind of guitar music. My dream is to have a gibson les paul from the end of 60s. I like bike jumping and Ive got an orange mosh. Mike Cieślak home

15 Asia Florczak My name is Asia Florczak.Im 13 years old.I live in Milanowek.I go to lower high school in Milanowek.My hobby are fantasy and tennis.I like Spaghetti and Pizza. I like hard music, bands like Slipknot,Nirvana and System of a down.I like read books, especcially books from series Forgotten Realms. I have one older sister, she has 22 years old. My favourite computer games are Baldurs Gate and Gothic. My favourite subject are Computer Science and History. I dont like Maths and Germany. home

16 Natalia Kisielewska My name is Natalia Kisielewska.Since I was born (13 years ago) I live in Milanowek. Milanowek is a small city near tha capital of Poland-Warsaw. I love horses. Sometimes on suterday I have competition. I like cinema and theaters too.My fauvorite film is Beautiful mind.I spend my holidays to lern english and german. In England I lived in Selsey,but I was in London too. I forget my foto so you cant see my.My e-mail is: home

17 My name is Peter Stankiewicz Hey people.As you already know my name is Peter. Im thirteen years old. I live in Milanowek, in Poland.My parents names are Peter and Joanna. I have got a sister, her name is Anna. My familly also inclouds five mice, two cats, a horse and a dog. My intrests are bike riding, playing the guitar and fantasy. I also collect Warhammer models, the army of

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