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Nova Scotia, CANADA DUFFERIN GOLD MINE Targeting First Gold Dore Q1 2014 OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V) December 2013.

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1 Nova Scotia, CANADA DUFFERIN GOLD MINE Targeting First Gold Dore Q OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V) December 2013

2 Forward-Looking Statements This presentation may contain certain forward-looking statements regarding (i) estimated resources and reserves, (ii) planned production and operating costs profiles, (iii) planned capital requirements and (iv) plans, strategies and corporate objectives. Such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, many of which are beyond the control of Ressources Appalaches and Dufferin Resources. The forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain and may therefore differ materially from results ultimately achieved. External and other factors may impact the Company and affect the forward-looking statements in this release since its preparation. Subject to applicable law and stock exchange listing rules, the Company does not intend to publicly update any of the forward- looking statements or any assumptions on which any such forward- looking statement is made. 2 OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

3 Corporate Objectives Ressources Appalaches is Canadas newest gold mining company. As of December 2 nd 2013 Ressources Appalaches is fully funded and permitted to proceed with gold production at its 100% owned Dufferin Mine project in Nova Scotia. 3 OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

4 Corporate Objectives Become the next Nova Scotian Gold Producer while Extending Resources and Increase Production Capacity Phase #1 – Restart gold production at 300 TPD by Q Phase #2 –Initial yearly production rate of 20,000 to 25,000 oz of gold. Phase #3 –Explore the anticline structure towards the East and at depths to double production capacity in OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

5 Corporate Profile Direction & GestionExperience Alain Hupé, Eng. President & Cofounder 20 years in exploration Engineer-geologist, specialising in mining exploration geology, President of Gestion LesTrois Inc. Jean-Claude Morel, M.A.DEM Executive Vice-President & COO 25 years of management experience Development and managing of multi-disciplinary teams ranging from engineering to logistics, including administrative, legal, environmental and financial components. John A. Thomas, Eng Ph.D. Director 39 years in mining industry Experienced mining engineer from process development, engineering, Management, construction and operation of mines. Jose Oro, Ph.D. Director 35 years in mining industry Ph.D. in geology, held various Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer position in the mining industry, as well as Director of the Ministry of Basic Industries André Proulx, M.A. Director & Cofounder 30 years in company management Experienced manager of mining and oil exploration companies, President and CEO of Pétrolia Inc. Dominique Doucet, Eng. Director 28 years in exploration Engineer-geologist and has held senior management positions with Dios Exploration Inc., Sirios Inc. and Kalkhos Inc. 5 Company Description Listed FWB: 2013 Listed TSX.V: 1997 Shares Outstanding: 186,328,414 Market Cap $ Year Hi/Low: 0,125 / 0,05 OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

6 Canada Halifax Sheet Harbour 020 kilometres Miller Lake Dufferin Mine Dufferin Mine & Surrounding Appalaches Properties Chocolate Lake Ecum Secum 6 25 kilometers (km) radius Dufferin East Dufferin North OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V) Dufferin Mine

7 Dufferin Mine Existing Infrastructures Existing mining infrastructure on site: Mining lease in good standing 300 tonnes per day plant Very short distance from mine to plant (150 m) Gravity and flotation process Tailings pound Acces by decline PORTAL AND DECLINEMILL 7 MILLING OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

8 Dufferin Mine Past and Existing Facilities Ball MillShaking Table Flotation SystemInfrasructure On-site OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V) 8

9 Dufferin Mine Past Operations 9 Quartz Vein – Saddle OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

10 Dufferin Mine Past Operations – Type of Veins 10 OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

11 Saddle Reef Vein Deposit Anticline Fold Nose D Dufferin Mine Gold Quartz Vein meters km 11 OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V) Potential continuity in depth and toward east open structure

12 Production and Exploration Gold Surface Sample Wide Quartz VeinsMilling Dufferin Gold Mine Mining Lease no Area Drilled 1,400 meters Portal Mined Zone 450 meters Mined Zone 450 meters 12 Deposit Open Towards East and at Depth Ressources Appalaches owns claims covering anticline structure over 8.4 km long OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

13 Drilling Campaigns OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

14 Dufferin Mine Plan Dufferin Mine General Layout 14 APP-TSX-V 700 m

15 Dufferin Mine Plan 15 APP-TSX-V Potential Resources Defined Dufferin Mine Plan

16 Milestones Achieved Latest Goals Achieved Past 6 months The following works have been completed since the announcement of the loan financing of US $10M (May 2013): 1.December – Fully funded (gold loan) to resume gold production 2.November – Fully permitted by provincial authorities 3.Fall – Dufferin Mine gold mine plan documents approved by provincial authorities/lender (mine report, mine plan, surface and underground electrical installation plan, ground control procedures and ventilation plan) economic model, operating cost estimates, and capital cost estimates 4.Mine underground dewatering & rehabilitation works 5.Refurbished the primary and secondary underground ventilation 6.Completed plant rehabilitation and testing of all crushing circuit components 7.Started the vetting of more than 950 applications for the remaining approximately 54 staffing positions required to resume mining operations 16 OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

17 Portal Flooded – Water Level May APP-TSX-V

18 Portal Rehabilitation – June OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

19 Infrastructures Rehabilitation OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

20 Galleries Rehabilitation – Summer & Fall OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

21 Mill Refurbishment – Fall OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)

22 Development & Expansion Targets Path to Production Targeting First Gold Dore Q : Complete development works required to restart production at 300 t/d 2014: Start of mining & milling ramp-up operations resume gold production Q : Reinvest profits to increase resources and upgrade plant capacity 22 OU3 (FWB) / APP (TSX.V)


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