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Status of the International Linear Collider and Importance of Industrialization B Barish Fermilab 21-Sept-05.

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1 Status of the International Linear Collider and Importance of Industrialization B Barish Fermilab 21-Sept-05

2 Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting2 An International Initiative R&D toward an ILC was carried out over the last decade in three regions of the world and primarily at SLAC in the U.S., KEK in Japan and DESY in Germany The crucial technology decision was successfully made by an international panel having 4 members from each region We are now entering the design phase, which will be carried out under the guidance of the GDE, which again has comparable membership from all three regions We fully expect the final project to be international

3 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting3 The Technology Recommendation The recommendation was presented to ILCSC & ICFA on August 19 in a joint meeting in Beijing. ICFA unanimously endorsed the ITRP’s recommendation on August 20

4 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting4 The Community then Self-Organized Nov 13-15, 2004

5 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting5 2 nd ILC Accelerator Workshop

6 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting6 The Global Design Effort –The Mission of the GDE Produce a design for the ILC that includes a detailed design concept, performance assessments, reliable international costing, an industrialization plan, siting analysis, as well as detector concepts and scope. Coordinate worldwide prioritized proposal driven R & D efforts (to demonstrate and improve the performance, reduce the costs, attain the required reliability, etc.)

7 The GDE Plan and Schedule 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Global Design EffortProject Baseline configuration Reference Design ILC R&D Program Technical Design Bids to Host; Site Selection; International Mgmt

8 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting8 Starting Point for the GDE Superconducting RF Main Linac

9 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting9 Cost Breakdown by Subsystem Civil SCRF Linac

10 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting10 TESLA Cavity 9-cell 1.3GHz Niobium Cavity Reference design: has not been modified in 10 years ~1m

11 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting11 Cavity Fabrication

12 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting12 Gradient Results from KEK-DESY collaboration must reduce spread (need more statistics) single-cell measurements (in nine-cell cavities)

13 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting13 Improved Fabrication

14 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting14 Improved Processing Electropolishing

15 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting15 Improved Cavity Shapes

16 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting16 ILC Siting and Conventional Facilities The design is intimately tied to the features of the site –1 tunnels or 2 tunnels? –Deep or shallow? –Laser straight linac or follow earth’s curvature in segments? GDE ILC Design will be done to samples sites in the three regions –North American sample site will be near Fermilab –Japan and Europe are to determine sample sites by the end of 2005

17 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting17 1 vs 2 Tunnels Tunnel must contain –Linac Cryomodule –RF system –Damping Ring Lines Save maybe $0.5B Issues –Maintenance –Safety –Duty Cycle

18 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting18 Possible Tunnel Configurations One tunnel of two, with variants ??

19 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting19 ILC Civil Program Civil engineers from all three regions working to develop methods of analyzing the siting issues and comparing sites. The current effort is not intended to select a potential site, but rather to understand from the beginning how the features of sites will effect the design, performance and cost

20 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting20 Baseline Klystrons Thales CPI Toshiba Available today: 10 MW Multi-Beam Klystrons (MBKs) that operate at up to 10 Hz

21 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting21 Improved Klystron ? 10 MW Sheet Beam Klystron (SBK) Parameters similar to 10 MW MBK Low Voltage 10 MW MBK Voltage e.g. 65 kV Current 238A More beams Perhaps use a Direct Switch Modulator 5 MW Inductive Output Tube (IOT) Drive Output IOT Klystron SLAC CPI KEK

22 21-Sept-05Fermilab ILC Industry Meeting22 How and when to involve industry? Large Scale Project Characterization –Large Project Management –Precision Engineering –International Coordination –Costing Industrialization –Civil Construction & Infrastructure –Cryogenics –Superconducting RF structures, couplers, etc –Electronics and Control Systems –Large Scale Computing

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