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Elements surrounding employee morale

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1 Elements surrounding employee morale
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2 Chapter outline Introduction
Situations and organizational variables that impact employee morale Employee perception on morale Employee empowerment Techniques to boost employee Morale

3 Introduction Morale is the feeling of passion and enthusiasm toward the organization, management, fellow employees and duties assigned. Morale determines the employee success as well as the success of the organization (Evans, 2001). Developing a positive morale benefits individuals, managers and the overall productivity of companies. However, a negative morale have adverse impacts to the employee and the organization.

4 Situations and organizational variables that impact employee morale.
Changes in management Opportunities and recognition Organizational structure Communication

5 Situations and organizational variables that impact employee morale (cont.)
Changes in the management can have effect on employee morale Adopting an efficient management boost the employee morale Incompetent management decreases the morale Clear communication increases the employee morale Poor communication leads to the depletion of morale Changes in management. Quality of leadership is significant factor affecting employee productivity and engagement. When an employee becomes accustomed to management practices and method, change in the management can have far-reaching impacts on the employee morale. Evans (2001) argued that managers do not only oversee the operation of the organization but also instill morale to the workers. By building relationship based on respect and expectation, managers instill a high morale. Change of an effective management to incompetent one tends to reduce the employee morale. Communication. An organization have different levels of communication that depend with the ranking of the employee within the organization. Openness in communication maintains a positive morale that facilitates sharing of information within the organization. On the other hand, failure to maintain a clear line of communication leads to the depletion of the employee morale.

6 Situations and organizational variables that impact employee morale (cont.)
Opportunities and recognition boosts the employee morale. Opportunities entails chances to develop the employee expertise boost morale. Organization structure determine the discipline, incentive programs and management of the organization. Well planned and easily adaptable organizational structure will impact the morale positively. Poor planned structure depletes the employees morale. Opportunities and recognition Employee morale is impacted by the opportunities and the recognition that the organization offers. Recognizing the employee through promotion and ensuring that they get benefits entitled to them make them feel appreciated thus raising their morale. Morale is negatively impacted when the employee feels that the organization does not recognize their effort and no career advancement (Evans, 2001). . Failure by the organization to reward for good performance depletes the employee’s morale. Organizational structure Since organizational structure determines how discipline, incentive programs and advancement are managed and how the business is organized can play a part in the state of morale. Employee morale relies heavily on a strong and well planned organizational structure. A well planned and easily adaptable organizational structure helps to boost the employee morale. Employees will feel motivated and loyal when they are treated with respects and get chance to advance their career. The impact of the organizational structure can also be negative. For instance, where we have the managers allocating benefits at the expenses of the employees.

7 Impact of individual perception on morale
Employee perception on morale makes a huge difference in the quality of the work. Employee’s awareness and acceptance is important in improving his morale There should be clear communication Morale develops from efficient management and opportunities within the organization. Employee perception on morale makes a huge difference in the quality of the work. Evans (2001) stated that employee’s awareness and acceptance of the stimuli is important in improving his morale. When employees view the employer, others staff and the relationship within the workplace being positive this tend to raise their morale and increases the chances of them being productive. For many employees, clear and concise communication, efficient management opportunities within the organization is essential to success. Employee perceives that there should be clear communication, as it is with the organization that want the employee to show interest in it’s goals. Also, the employee expects a favorable working condition and be assigned to the kind of job they feel conversant with and best qualified. Employee consider involvement in making the organization’s decision as a way to improve the morale (Turner et al. 2002). For instance, when marketing department consider the views of it marketers, they feel appreciated and involved, this may make them improve their productivity as they strive to achieve the goals that they set. Also, employees perceives that the organization should take care about them by providing conducive working environment and in return they achieve it’s goals.

8 Employee empowerment Employee empowerment is practice of allowing employees to participate in decision making. Organization goes through changes that affects the employee morale Allowing employees to participate in setting organization goals stimulate their morale Morale increase the employee interest in their duties thus their productivity Empowerment stimulate morale that keeps an employee longer in the organization Employee empowerment is a practice by an organization that allow employees to make autonomous decision on issues affecting organization. Organization goes through changes and the ways in which employees respond to those changes are key to maintaining morale. Due to empowerment, employees not only participate in decision making but also make decision based on their finding and expertise. By allowing employees to make important decisions that affect the company even in small ways, changes are less likely to be seen as edicts from above. Johns (2006) argued that empowered employee tends to take greater interest in the company activities’ as they know that their ideas matter to the success of the company. They recognize that their input is considered and they have to reciprocate by working harder to achieve the organizational goals. Once the culture of loyalty and employee concern is established, even large changes are accepted and often embraced. Improved morale will not only increase the productivity but also longevity of an employee with the company. The longer the employee is associated with an organization, the more productive and experienced he become, making a mentor to the new employees(Turner et al. 2002).

9 Initiatives that organizations can implement to positively affect employee morale.
Recognize and reward employees efforts to increase their morale Reflecting on the accomplishment and appreciating good job boost morale Allow time off to employee to pursue their personal projects and interests. Permission to pursue personal projects will boost the morale It also encourage innovation and creativeness Recognize and reward employees’ efforts. It can be through the word of mouth, in writing or rewarding the employees who do a fabulous job. In a way the employees get to know that you value their job. Taking time to reflect on the accomplishment and appreciate the work done by the employees boost their morale. For instance, the company can start a rewarding initiative whereby they assess the accomplishment by every employee and reward the most outstanding achievement. Rewarding can either be through promotion or giving cash prizes and gifts to the outstanding performers. It also involve fair remuneration and paying their salaries in time. It make the employees more involved, feel valued and appreciated and stimulate the spirit to over deliver. Allow time off to employee to pursue their personal projects. Granting time off for personal project such study leaves can boost their morale. Personal project provide an energizing break from the regular duties and can serve as source of innovation (Gómez, and Rosen, 2001). At this period, the company can encourage the employees to improve on work related products and processes. Also, encouraging work breaks to refresh. It include allowing time for coffee, snacks or smoking. Work break has proved that employees taking breaks works efficiently and rarely experiences work related stress.

10 Initiatives that organizations can implement to positively affect employee morale(cont.)
comfortable working place positively impact the employees’ morale. Providing a comfortable working environment can boost employee morale. Improving aesthetic elements in the organization makes employee feels valued and stimulate hard work. Open and clear communication will boost the employee morale. Conducive working environment Making the working place more comfortable positively impact the employees’ morale. Conducive environment is about providing the right equipment, aesthetic and careful attention to the employee’s problems and views. This help the employees feel that their work is more than a job. Making small changes on the aesthetic element such as changing the office layout or coloring helps to improve morale. Transparency and clear communication. Transparency entails clear communication of what is happening in the organization. Being timely prevent duplication of activities and use of unnecessary efforts on the part of the staff (Johns, 2006). Establishing a clear and open communication can maintains a positive morale that facilitates sharing of information within the organization.

11 References Evans, L. (2001). Delving Deeper into Morale, Job Satisfaction and Motivation among Education Professionals Re-examining the Leadership Dimension. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 29(3), Gómez, C., & Rosen, B. (2001). The leader-member exchange as a link between managerial trust and employee empowerment. Group & Organization Management, 26(1), Johns, G. (2006). The essential impact of context on organizational behavior. Academy of management review, 31(2), Turner, N., Barling, J., & Zacharatos, A. (2002). Positive psychology at work. Handbook of positive psychology,

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