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Bell Ringer Complete page 30 in your Orange Packet!

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1 Bell Ringer Complete page 30 in your Orange Packet!
In the meantime, have your homework out!

2 New Dynasty Old Dynasty Problems Generations go by…
New Dynasty claims Mandate of Heaven Old Dynasty loses Mandate of Heaven Problems

3 Agenda Bell Ringer (good job ) Review Homework
Notes – Three Schools of Thought Activity – How would you handle it?

4 China: Three Schools of Thought

5 Homework Review What is wrong with the way King Chao rules China?
Too many nobles have too much power What examples does Ying-hou use to strengthen his argument? Sharing a genie’s power Too much fruit on a branch hurts the tree, just like too much power to nobles hurts the king What advice would Ying-hou give the king? The central government (king) must be stronger than the nobles

6 Fall of the Zhou Zhou fell into a period of “Warring States”
Lots of violence All the feudal lords started fighting with one another instead of acting like a unit The people believed that the Zhou had lost the mandate of heaven Three schools of thought developed during this period…

7 1. Confucianism During the period of “Warring States”, a teacher emerged named Confucius Taught people to accept place in society This would mean there was no fighting and the society would be stable Filial Piety – Respect for family, especially parents and elders Believed rulers should set good examples for people and take advice from educated men In order to govern others, you must first govern yourself Emphasis placed on education and moral development


9 Five Relationships of Confucianism
Appropriate Virtue Father/son Filial piety Ruler/subject Loyalty Brother/brother Brotherliness Husband/wife Love and obedience Friend/friend Faithfulness

10 Think for a minute… What does this say about the role of women in Confucian society? What was the role of the superior in the relationship? What was the role of the inferior in the relationship?

11 2. Legalism Started by another philosopher named Han Feizi
Believed a good ruler should use strict laws with harsh punishments

12 3. Daoism Created by philosopher Laozi
Daoists wanted to live in harmony with nature A good government is a hands-off government Believed in balance Yin – Earth, Darkness, Female Forces Yang – Heaven, Light, Male Forces Harmony and peace depended on balance between Yin and Yang


14 Complete page 37 in your Orange Packet!
Exit Ticket! Complete page 37 in your Orange Packet!

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