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Why chosing MOS? MOS Electronic GmbH

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1 Printed Circuit Technology for the Future „Leiterplattentechnik für die Zukunft“

2 Why chosing MOS? MOS Electronic GmbH
MOS Electronics has been experienced in the production of printed circuit boards for nearly three decades. The co-operation with our partners in the Far-East enables us to offer all types of printed circuit boards of any quantity. From prototype to high volume – this means you will get it from one source! MOS Electronic GmbH Often during development of prototypes engineering requirements will change that later will effect mass production. Our logo is: „always a step ahead“ that means your products will be produced today with technology of tomorrow. >> Printed circuit technology for the future >>

3 Our Company MOS Electronic GmbH
We are a medium-sized company employing 60 people We are specialized in quick turnaround service of small and medium sized production We have customized technology to your specification We have large volume production by partners in the Far-East We are owner-managed

4 First production plant
History 1977 Established as electro-plating service 1984 Re-establishment as PCB-production 1993 Move into a new building 1994 Introduction of modern PPS-system 1995 Introduction CAM 1995 Establishment Joint Venture H&S CEE SA 1996 Start of multilayer-production 1999 Certification ISO 9002 1999 Expansion of production area 2000 Mechanical Microvias 2002 Lasermicrovias, SBU, HDI 2002 New Certification ISO 9001:2000 2003 Flex and flex-rigid-production First production plant MOS Electronic GmbH Plant 1 Plant 2

5 History Die MOS Electronic GmbH
2003 Impedance-controlled circuit boards 2004 Development Multilayer-HDI process 2004 First double-sided sprayer for soldermask 2005 Complete ROHS-conform circuit board 2005 Expansion of flex and flex-rigid production 2005 Expansion of HF-production 2006 Foundation of Corporation with Chinese partners 2007 Expansion of HDI-production 2007 Introduction of Envision Process 2007 Expansion of quality management trading goods 2008 Introduction LDI 2009 Foundation 2-mil-technology (50µm line/space) 2010 Expansion of thick-copper and pressfit technology Die MOS Electronic GmbH

6 Investments 2010/2011 MOS Electronic GmbH
Lauffer Multistage (Multilayerpress) Innovation: Bonding machine DIS 77: First exemplar on the European Market Legend ink printer Orbotech Sprint 8 Ultra fine line etching machine with etchant regeneration system (Schmid) MEC-Etch system (Innerlayer pre-treatment) X-ray drilling machine Drilling / routing machine for metal core PCB Drilling / routing machine with 4 spindles MOS Electronic GmbH

7 Investmentplanning 2011/2012 MOS Electronic GmbH
Innerlayer liquid resist plating Via hole plugging CAM-system INCAM 3D-Videomicroscope for development expenses Integr8tor + CRM-Software …. Mass production 2-mil-Technology Expansion stacked-via-Technology New building for production of HDI Technology 4000 m² ISO TS introduction in 2012 ISO 1348 introduction MOS Electronic GmbH

8 Company Philosophy Our products
The quality standard of our products is a firm part of our company philosophy. Since the foundation of our company it has always been our intention to keep our production to a technological first class standard. Permanent re-investigations and product improvements have always been significant elements of our succes.

9 Express-Service „Express-service begins with quotation!“ We know your engineers always wanted it yesterday Production of prototypes from one day turnaround HDI and Flex rigid delivery time on demand Production in series quality Identical processes and machines Identical data-processing and filing Transferable to series No board-design limitations Our big strength: emergency production also for substantial series Flexibility is a matter of course for us – For very urgent orders we also produce on week-ends Our products

10 Technology Our products
From Single-sided up to 28 layers (thickness 6.0 mm max.) HDI- and SBU-Multilayer (4 + core + 4 max.) Blind-, buried- and microvias Stacked vias HF / Impedance-control (POLAR) Halogen-free circuit boards Copper up to 400 µm Pressfit technology Aluminium based PCB Flex / flex-rigid (also HDI) Different-coloured soldermasks Via Hole Plugging and Copper Hole Filling RoHS / UL Production according to customer‘s requirements Our products

11 Service and Advice Impedance calculations and design suggestions
Technological advice, also for the selection of the appropriate materials. Support of the development of new products Development of alternative solutions and further development to product stability Selection of the optimal producer Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Our products

12 Sizes Technology Standard panel size for single-sided and doublesided:
580 mm x 427 mm (usable area) Standard panel size for multilayer: 570 mm x 417 mm (usable area) Standard panel size for SBU-multilayer: 540 mm x 370 mm (usable area) Special sizes on demand Technology

13 Materials Standard for single- and doublesided:
Nan Ya FR-4-86 UV Block (TG 140, improved for leadfree process) Standard for multilayer: Isola IS400 (TG 150, filled) Nan Ya NP155F (TG 150, filled) TG 170 materials HF materials (e.g. Rogers) Halogen-free materials Polyimide Teflon Aluminium-based Materials Special materials according to customer‘s request Technology

14 Surfaces Technology Final surfaces HAL Imm. Ni/Au Bondgold OSP
Nickel plating Reductive Au HAL - leadfree Imm. Sn Ni/Au plating Imm. Ag Ag plating Soldering varnish Technology Screen-printings Service printings Carbon Flux-Stop-varnish Heatsink-varnish Peelable mask Via-filler Silver conductive mask

15 HDI Technology Technology

16 Quality Quality

17 References References

18 Quality and Control Strongly increased requirements as well as the ever higher complexity already made constant examinations of the products necessary during the manufacturing. In the following we would like to present to you some of the examinations accomplished in our company: Quality and Control

19 Manual-optical control
During production regular optical tests are made by our well-skilled staff... Quality and Control

20 Automatic-Optical Inspection (AOI)
The corroded conductive pattern is submitted additionally to manual controls of machine-supported by Automatic-Optical Control (AOI). Quality and Control The etched conductive pattern will be compared with the CAM layout data.

21 Micro-sections Quality and Control
The galvanic copper construction requires inspection of the coating thickness and the quality of the deposited copper. In addition by each order micro-sections are provided and documented. Quality and Control

22 Dimensions Quality and Control
After the mechanical treatment, accuracy to size is examined…

23 Surface and coating thickness
Vision Stereomicroscope: Examination of the surface finish. Fischer MMS-PC coating thickness measuring: Hole copper and copper on the surface. Material thickness inside. Thickness of soldermask. Quality and Control Fischerscope X-Ray fluorescence measuring instrument: Examination of the coating thickness of the final surface (imm. Sn, imm. Ni/Au, imm. Ag…). Couloscope CMS tin coating measuring instrument: Measurement of the tin coating available for the soldering process.

24 The electrical test Quality and Control
The last and most important examination is the electrical test. Here it is guaranteed that no short-circuits or breaks are present. Quality and Control

25 The MOS Corporation The MOS Corporation

26 The MOS Corporation Successful cooperation with Asian series manufacturers since 2005 All PCB types in all batch sizes available The MOS Corporation

27 Organisation MOS takes over the entire completion:
Selection of production Technical clarifying Transport and logistic MOS is locally in China Quality responsibility is with MOS Partner in Germany is MOS Completely final inspection with MOS Possibility of emergency production with MOS Remachining possibility with MOS The MOS Corporation

28 Quality assurance Our series manufacturers are ISO 9001, TS16949 and ISO certified Professional selection of the partners: We have a „second source“ for each technology and batch size The MOS Corporation

29 Goods inwards quality-check
Before distribution to our customers, all supplies of our corporation partners have an extensive incoming goods check: Verification and validation of the products and the necessary documents in relation to the customer defaults. Sampling inspection: Examination of the quality of the plated-through holes. Examination of the mechanical dimensions. Measurement of coating thickness (stackup, copper, Ni/AU, Ag, Sn…). Archiving of all documents including resetting samples and inspection documentation. Special measurement after customer's request The MOS Corporation

30 Environment Environment
Environmental protection and preservation of resources is a subject that is always in the forefront of our policies. Our company, being at the edge of a protected area in the nature park of Black Forest, constantly pays attention for the saving of materials, water and energy. With the selection of new manufacturing plants, these factors play a substantial role, too. Recycling of materials is an important point in our policies. The selection of the partners within our group was likewise an important factor. They are also certified according to ISO Meaning our environmental philosophy is reflected in our principle: » Printed circuit technology for the future. « Environment

31 Contact Management board: Sales department: General Manager
Mr. Horst Schmalstieg Phone: – 60 General Manager Mrs. Margrit Schmalstieg Phone: – 19 Contact General Manager Mr. Reinhard Rosen Phone: – 20 Deputy Managing Director Herr Jürgen Bauer Phone: – 10 Sales Management Mr. Jens Rosen Phone: – 33 Support / logistic trading goods Phone: – 34 Head Office MOS Electronic GmbH Phone: – 0 Fax:

32 Contact Technological consultation / supervision of production:
Work preparartion department: Quality assurance / Accounting / Purchasing: Production / Technology Mr. Michael Klingler Phone: – 66 Production / Technology Mr. Matthias Klingler Phone: – 55 Contact Work preparation department Mrs. Gabi Walz Phone: – 35 CAM / Data Mr. Klaus Holdermann Phone: – 38 Quality assurance Mrs. Sibylle Klingler Phone: – 13 Accounting / Purchasing Mrs. Elke Lörcher Phone: – 12

33 Location MOS Electronic GmbH Hermann-Löns-Straße 40-44
D Neuweiler Phone: +49 – 7055 – Fax: +49 – Mail: URL: Location

34 >> Demand us >>
Permanent advancement and constant investments into new technologies have secured us a leading position in the printed circuit board industry in Germany. Our high measure of authority and experience of many years as printed circuit board manufacturers have made us a very effective and successful co-operation possible with our partners for middle and large series in the Far East. For our usually medium-sized customers as a result of it singular resources in things printed circuit board arise. MOS Electronic GmbH >> Demand us >>

35 Many thanks for your interest.
MOS Electronic GmbH Many thanks for your interest.

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