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The Carbon Cycle

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1 The Carbon Cycle


3 CARBON ON THE MOVE Carbon moves from the: atmosphere to the plants
plants to the animals plants and animals to the ground living things to the atmosphere fossil fuels to the atmosphere atmosphere to the oceans

4 Clarifications Respiration (cellular respiration)-carbon is going from a living thing to the atmosphere—using up the stored energy Evaporation-carbon is released into the atmosphere Decomposition-decomposing organic materials into the soil, adding carbon Photosynthesis-is important to carbon because plants use the carbon in the atmosphere to produce their own food, then the carbon is released back into the atmosphere Carbon Sequestration-pulling carbon out of the atmosphere

5 Did you know… About 50 times as much carbon dissolved in the form of CO2 in the oceans as there is in the atmosphere! Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas!

6 So what? Why care? Carbon is a leading contributor to global warming
Having a deep understanding of the carbon cycle is essential to understanding our future investments and its impacts on the earth

7 Wrap up questions Where does carbon exist in the non-living environment and in the living environment? How is carbon released into the atmosphere? How is carbon taken from the atmosphere? How could you demonstrate taking carbon out of the atmosphere RIGHT NOW?

8 Questions?

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