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© Fraunhofer Bremen / Lübeck - Germany Fraunhofer MEVIS Institute for Medical Image Computing.

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1 © Fraunhofer Bremen / Lübeck - Germany Fraunhofer MEVIS Institute for Medical Image Computing

2 © Fraunhofer Contents 1.Overview 2.Evolution and structure 3.Fraunhofer MEVIS 4.Innovation chain 5.Perspectives

3 © Fraunhofer Computer assistance for image-based, personalized diagnosis and therapy Field of Work

4 © Fraunhofer Til Mette stern - April 2005

5 © Fraunhofer Characteristics Focus on image-based SW solutions for clinicians Whole chain: early detection, diagnosis, therapy, monitoring Epidemiologically important diseases Patient-individual solutions Transdisciplinary approach Clinical network 150+ clinical and scientific partners worldwide Complete innovation chain basic research research prototype product Medicine IndustryScience

6 © Fraunhofer Modality 2-D 3-D Dynamic [t] Radiography (MX, AX) Computed tomography (CT, CTA) Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, MRA) Ultrasound (US) Image Modalities … … MR Spectroscopy, Microscopy/Histology, …

7 © Fraunhofer Why computer support?

8 © Fraunhofer Why computer support?

9 © Fraunhofer Dimensions of Competence Diagnosis Clinical Workflow Early Detection Diagnostic Planning Procedure Monitoring Therapy Organs Liver Lung Breast Brain Heart/Vessels Bones/Joints Methods MeVisLab Validation Navigation Risk analysis Visualization Quantification Segmentation Registration Modeling/ Simulation Imaging/ Modality

10 © Fraunhofer Fields of Activity Algorithms, Software Applications & Computing Visualization & Human Computer Interaction Workflow, Clinical Usability, … Intra-operative/-interventional Support Liver, Lung, Breast, … Mathematical Modelling & Numerical Simulation Foundation Professorship at Jacobs University MR Imaging & Physics Foundation Professorship at University Bremen Image Registration Project Group at University Lübeck

11 © Fraunhofer 2. Evolution and structure

12 © Fraunhofer emerged fromdaughter of University Non-profit Commercial MeVis Family Tree : :

13 © Fraunhofer Structure since 01/2009 Non-profit Commercial (75 employees) (230 employees) Bremen USA Japan 51% 100% 50% 100% 41% NL Bremen Institute for Medical Image Computing Bremen 50% EFRE Bremen S-H Project Group Image Registration Lübeck (since 04/2010) 50% EFRE

14 © Fraunhofer 3. Fraunhofer MEVIS

15 © Fraunhofer 59 institutes in GER employees about 1.6 billion EUR research budget 2/3 from industry and public agencies Fraunhofer Groups Information & Communication Technology Life Sciences Microelectronics Surface Technology & Photonics Production Materials & Components Defense & Security Fraunhofer Society

16 © Fraunhofer 59 Institutes in GER Institutes Branches, Working Groups, Application Centers Bremerhaven Fraunhofer Society

17 © Fraunhofer Organization Chart Institute Director Prof. Peitgen Extended Board KG plus Dr. Kuhnigk, Dr. Zidowitz, Person of Trust Management Board (KG) Prof. Peitgen, Prof. Hahn, Prof. Preußer, Prof. Günther, Prof. Fischer, Dr. Kraß, Dr. Lang, Dr. Prause, T. Forstmann Administration T. Forstmann Advisory BoardPersons of Trust

18 © Fraunhofer Organization of Work Team-oriented Open-minded Self-organized Flexible Adaptive

19 © Fraunhofer Prof. Dr. H. Maier Dr. R. JansenDr. U. NieblingDr. C.J.G. EvertszDr. B. GewieseProf. Dr.-Ing. E.R. Reinhardt W. Märzendörfer Chair: Research Funding: Industry: Advisory Board of Fraunhofer MEVIS

20 © Fraunhofer Prof. Dr. J. HennigProf. Dr. W.A. KalenderProf. Dr. R. Kikinis Prof. Dr. H.-P. BruchProf. Dr. K.J. KloseProf. Dr. M. ReiserProf. Dr. U. Sure Science: Medicine/ Clinic: Uni Bremen:Jacobs University: Prof. Dr. G. Székely Prof. Dr. H.-P. Schlemmer Prof. Dr. J. Falta Dr. A. Ziegler-Jöns Advisory Board of Fraunhofer MEVIS

21 © Fraunhofer Management Board Prof. Dr. Heinz-Otto PeitgenProf. Dr. Horst K. Hahn Dipl.-Betrw. Thomas Forstmann Institute DirectorDeputy Institute Director Head of Administration Uni BremenAdj. Jacobs Uni Uni Boca RatonResearch Prof. Dr. Matthias GüntherProf. Dr. Tobias Preußer Prof. Dr. Bernd Fischer Head of MR ImagingHead of Modeling & Simulation Head of PG Image Registration Uni Jacobs Uni Head of MIC Institute Uni Lübeck Dr. Stefan KraßDr. Markus Lang Dr. Guido Prause Clinical cooperationsScientific personell Publicly funded projects Industry projectsIndustry projects PR / Advisory Board Publicly funded projectsIPR / contracts Deputy Head of Administration

22 © Fraunhofer Dr. Jan-Martin Kuhnigk IT, Software Development Dr. Stephan Zidowitz Quality Management Extended Management Board 22 Persons of Trust Melanie Bohn Bianca Lassen Lars Bornemann Dr. Benjamin Geisler

23 © Fraunhofer Finance (MEVIS Bremen) TEUR Inv. BHH EFRE HB

24 © Fraunhofer Personnel (MEVIS Bremen) MMS: 230 CeVis: 10

25 © Fraunhofer Certification Certificate for quality assurance (since 2005) Introduction and application of a quality management system in compliance with EN ISO 9001 / EN ISO / (medical devices) Scope: Research and development for image-based medical diagnosis and therapy Development of software

26 © Fraunhofer Awards Scientific Exhibit Award with Certificate of Merit (Radiological Society of North America) Bundesverdienstkreuz erster Klasse für Prof. Peitgen (Bundespräsident Roman Herzog) Karl Heinz Beckurts-Preis für Forschung und Innovation (Karl Heinz Beckurts-Stiftung) Magna Cum Laude Award for Most Innovative Contribution (European Congress of Radiology) Werner Körte Medaille in Gold (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie) Bremer Unternehmerpreis für Wissenstransfer (ASU, BJU) Induction of Prof. Peitgen into Hall of Fame at FAU Deutscher Gründerpreis 2006 (Sparkasse, McKinsey, stern, ZDF) Eurographics 2007 Medical Prize Bernd-Artin Wessels-Preis 2007 RSNA 95/97/00-02: Oct 1996: Dec 1999: Mar 2005: Apr 2005: Mai 2005: Feb 2006: Sep 2006: Sep 2007: Nov 2007:

27 © Fraunhofer Sep 12, 2006: ZDF studio in Berlin German Founders Prize 2006

28 © Fraunhofer 4. Innovation chain

29 © Fraunhofer Innovation Chain Clinical Network >150 Clinical Network >150 Siemens Hologic Invivo Philips Europe, Asia, USA INPUT OUTPUT Toshiba

30 © Fraunhofer Technical Testing Algorithmic Development R&D Structure at MeVis MeVisLab: SW Platform for R&D, Prototyping, Evaluation & Integration Idea Algorithm Customization Clinical Testing Network Integration Clinical Evaluation Prototype Product : :

31 © Fraunhofer Publicly Funded Projects BMBF:FUSION (6,75 WiMi + 1 MTRA)kostenn. Verlängerung DOT-MOBI mit DKFZ, ITWM, MMS und Siemens (6 WiMi) Kompetenznetz ASTHMA-MRI mit 6 klin. Partnern (1 WiMi) LungSys mit 12 Partnern (1 WiMi) PMRIT: Physiological MRI during Throbolysis (1,5 WiMi) Virtuelle Leber: Mathematische Modellierung der Leber mit div. Partnern (3,7 WiMi) bis 03/2015 Spitzencluster: Medical Valley mit Siemens, IIS und div. Partnern (1,5 WiMi) bis 09/2013 MoBiTech3: MALDI-AMK mit Bruker, ZeTeM, CUCA u.a. (1 WiMi) bis 12/2013 DFG:RFITT mit UKBF (0,5 WiMi) Klinische FG Essen: LLS/A2 - OP (1 WiMi)kostenn. Verlängerung Klinische FG Essen: LLS/B2 - Histologie (1 WiMi) Lunge/COPD mit DKFZ (1 HiWi) Lungenchirurgieplanung (1 WiMi + 0,5 MTRA + 1 HiWi) Neurochirurgie-Risikoanalyse mit Marburg (1 WiMi + 1 HiWi) EU:HAMAM mit EIBIR-Partnern und Industrie (2 WiMi) ESFRI: Euro-BioImaging mit EIBIR-Partnern (0,1 WiMi) bis 07/2013 ICT-VPH: FUSIMO mit Uni Dundee, TU Delft, SINTEF u.a. (3 WiMi) bis 12/2013 Andere: R.-Bosch-Stiftung: OP-Projektion mit Prof. Lamade, RBKH Stuttgart (0,4 WiMi) WFB: 3D-MALDI mit ZeTeM und Bruker (0,2 WiMi) DHZB: Cardio-MRI in Congenital Heart Disease (0,8 WiMi) JFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJASOND

32 © Fraunhofer Cooperations with Industry Fraunhofer MEVIS MMS AG Siemens AG Stryker several others in publicly funded projects OEM partners of MMS AG Siemens AG Hologic Philips/ Invivo Toshiba

33 © Fraunhofer Breast Cancer Screening - Digital Mammography Breast-MRI - Neoangiogenesis and Biopsy Surgery Planning - Internet-based Service Three Success Stories Market share >50% >90%

34 © Fraunhofer 1. Breast-MRI: Tumor Dynamic & Biopsy

35 © Fraunhofer 2. Mammography Workstation Softcopy reading in digital mammography Mammography Screening Bremen EU Projects: - SCREEN - SCREEN-TRIAL Today: World market leader with over systems Siemens: MammoReportPlus Reporting Station Hologic: LORAD Selenia Reporting Station First prototype: master thesis

36 © Fraunhofer 3. Liver Surgery Planning

37 © Fraunhofer certified Japan USA Australia China Korea Singapore Taiwan Egypt Europe Distant Service via Internet

38 © Fraunhofer Kyoto University Hospital, Japan Yokohama City University Medical School, Japan Nagoya University Hospital, Japan University Hospital Kanazawa, Japan Kaohsiung University Hospital, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Lahey Clinic, Burlington, MA, USA Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA University of California at San Francisco, USA Columbia University, USA University of Michigan, USA Universtity of California at Los Angeles, USA Washington University St. Louis, USA Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY, USA NIH Clinic, Bethesda, MD, USA State University Hospital, Groningen, Netherlands Lund University Hospital, Sweden Verona University Hospital, Verona, Italy Naples University Hospital, Naples, Italy Univerity Hospital Sapienza Rome, Italy Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore Charité Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin Charité Berlin, Campus Buch Charité Berlin, Campus Virchow Allgemeines Krankenhaus Celle Universitätsklinikum Essen Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität Frankfurt Universitätsklinik Freiburg Medizinische Hochschule Hannover Klinikum Hof Universitätsklinik Köln Klinikum Krefeld Klinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck Universitätsklinikum Mainz Klinikum der Philipps-Universität Marburg Klinikum rechts der Isar München Universitätsklinik Tübingen Status since 2003: > plannings at MeVis LDLTs Tumor resections 700 Pancreas, kidney, spleen, … GermanyAsia, USA, Europe 150+ Users Worldwide

39 © Fraunhofer 5. Perspectives

40 © Fraunhofer Perspectives New fields Modeling and simulation MR imaging Image registration Personnel 82+ employees until 2013 at Fraunhofer MEVIS MR Scanner MeVis Campus

41 © Fraunhofer Modeling and Simulation Jacobs University Bremen Foundation professorship by Conrad and Lotti Naber Modeling of bio-physical processes Numerical simulation Examples RF-Ablation of liver tumors Numerical flow simulation High focused ultrasound Prof. Dr. Tobias Preußer

42 © Fraunhofer MR Imaging & Physics University Bremen – FB Physics Foundation professorship by Stiftung Bremer Wertpapierbörse Optimization of imaging Development of new sequences and imaging protocols Examples Arterial Spin-Label Imaging Diffusion Tensor Imaging Prof. Dr. Matthias Günther

43 © Fraunhofer Image Registration Fraunhofer MEVIS – Project Group Lübeck University Lübeck – Institute of Mathematics Basic funding by State Schleswig-Holstein Anatomically correct mapping and fusion of medical image data Examples Registration of pre-, intra- und postoperative images Multimodal image registration Prof. Dr. Bernd Fischer

44 © Fraunhofer EUROPEAN UNION: Investing in your future European Regional Development Fund

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