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Thinking Mathematically in Daily Warm Ups Marissa

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1 Thinking Mathematically in Daily Warm Ups Marissa Walczak @viemath

2 About Me Third year teacher - first year at a new school Was teaching 6th grade - now teaching high school University of Illinois grad - GO ILLINI!

3 What’s the use of a warm up? Getting student focus at the beginning of class Getting students ready to do math Allows teacher to do daily housekeeping Review/preview Build math skills

4 Why I did away with the review/preview warm up Saw amazing resources and wanted to try them (modeled after @MaryBourassa and @algebrainiac1) Had 74 minute blocks - figured I could spare 5 minutes My review/preview was not really engaging - students just went through the motions Wanted to get my students to really think outside of the box

5 Implementation Daily Warm Up Sheet - had to have out at the start of class Collected every two weeks - not for a grade Plickers Random name picker or call on everyone Everyone can participate, no matter what grade they have in class Adjustments Now on an A-B block No more paper - use white boards or don’t write anything Reflection on Friday done through Google Form

6 Examples Estimation 180 Visual Patterns/Number Talk 101 Questions Which One Doesn’t Belong? Would You Rather

7 Estimation 180 Andrew Stadel @mr_stadel Overestimate, underestimate, and real estimate Reasoning (better than “I guessed”) Answers are always given Many of these have sequels - related pictures/video

8 Visual Patterns/Number Talks Fawn Nguyen @fawnpnguyen Ask students to do without paper and pencil first What do you notice? How do you see it changing? Hand signal for ready

9 101 Questions Dan Meyer @ddmeyer Students come up with at least one mathematical question Shows a random image or video on each refresh

10 Which One Doesn’t Belong? Mary Bourassa @MaryBourassa Each one can be correct Ask students which one they chose on first glance, try to come up with other reasons for each box Plickers?

11 Would You Rather John Stevens @Jstevens009 Give students 1-3 minutes to come up with reason on their own (use the internet if necessary) Ask for reasoning (math related or not) Plickers?

12 Extra Notes Can also be used as a mid-class brain break or to fill an extra few minutes You can submit your own for all of these - please do! More resources like these will be popping up as people think of them - stay in the loop by being a part of the #MTBoS Explore #MTBoS to get started

13 Resources up-activities/ sheet-2-0/

14 Plan Questions?

15 Thank You! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to share more ideas! Twitter: @viemath Blog: Email:

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