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Organising Recycling and Disposal. Bundling Material Flows. Dealing with Secondary Raw Materials. It is ultimately all a question of the organisation!

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1 Organising Recycling and Disposal. Bundling Material Flows. Dealing with Secondary Raw Materials. It is ultimately all a question of the organisation! Welcome! © INTERSEROH PR / 1

2 The Companys History 1991 Starting the operational business of INTERSEROH- Aktiengesellschaft zur Verwertung von Sekundärrohstoffen 1993 Foundation of ISD INTERSEROH Entsorgungsdienstleistungs GmbH 1994 Acquisition of Hennings-Group:, Entering the steel recycling business 1996 Foundation of INTERSEROH Export GmbH (today: RSH GmbH & Co.KG) Acquisition of Hetzel 1998 Initial Public Offer of INTERSEROH AG, Acquisition of the French waste paper group CDI 1999 Acquisition of Metallaufbereitung Rostock and the Belgium waste paper companies Padec and Sanglier 2000 Acquisition of Repasack and Die Grüne Umweltbox 2001 Acquisition of Hansa Recycling-Group Der Konzern © INTERSEROH PR / 1 The Group

3 Structure Services and Secondary Raw Material Trade ISD INTERSEROH GmbH INTERSEROH Holzkontore in Berlin, Bückeburg, Lünen,Rostock, Worms REPASACK GmbH, Wiesbaden INTERSEROH CDI S.A., France INTERSEROH-BELIGIQUE S.A.,Belgium EVA - Erfassen und Verwerten von Altstoffen GmbH, Austria INTERSEROH Elberg GmbH Joint Venture Shanghai Steel- and Metal-Recycling INTERSEROH Hennings GmbH INTERSEROH Hanse-Schrott-Döberitz INTERSEROH MAB Rostock GmbH RSE GmbH INTERSEROH Hetzel GmbH INTERSEROH RSH GmbH INTERSEROH Jade Stahl Gruppe INTERSEROH EVERT HEEREN GmbH INTERSEROH Franken Rohstoff GmbH INTERSEROH ERC GmbH BW Rohstoff und Recycling GmbH INTERSEROH Stroh Süddeutsche Rohprodukten GmbH INTERSEROH Trading Der Konzern © INTERSEROH PR / 1 The Group

4 INTERSEROH locations in Europe Der Konzern © INTERSEROH PR / 6 © INTERSEROH PR / 1 The Group

5 Investor Relations Die Aktie Facts and Figures: Shareholders Strukture: Legal Form of Company:Public Limited Company Initial Public Offer:21st June 1998 Authorized Capital:25.6 Million EURO Shares:9.84 Million Face Value:No-Par Shares Alba AG25.61 % RETHMANN AG & Co % Strategic Investmentsca % Free Floatca % © INTERSEROH PR / 1 The Share

6 Packaging Take Back (1) INTERSEROH has been specialized in returning used transport packaging from industry, trade and craftman-shops. Amongst others we work for: > Construction industry > Office supplies dealers > Electric and electronic ind. > Furniture industry > Interior decoration ind. > Sanitary-heating-climatization ind. > Car compounds industry > Shoe industry > Florists supplies dealers © INTERSEROH PR / 1 Services

7 [ processor ] recovery/recycling operator [ disposal operator ] collector [ collection points ] unpackers coordination of disposal operators IS guarantees recovery & recycling free-of-charge collection, recovery & recycling INTERSEROH the promoter IS pays disposal operators IS pays for recovery & recycling registration of collection points solution development and organization meeting legal obligation ref. product liability contract with INTERSEROH paying INTERSEROH INTERSEROH arranges operations, all costs incurred [ manufacturers/ dealers ] packers Packaging Take Back (2)

8 Packaging Take Back (3) INTERSEROH organises and coordinates a recycling-network all over Germany More than 4,000 contract partners from industrie More than 1,000,000 tons of packaging (different materials) 80,000 pick-up points 600 Disposal operators 300 Processors © INTERSEROH PR / 1 Services

9 Waste Disposal Management The INTERSEROH waste disposal management consists of a logisitc and cost- efficient waste disposal system for branch offices and stores in order to get as many materials as possible recovered or recycled. Examples of waste streams covered within the scope: > Packaging waste > Mix wastes > Hazardous wastes > Separator wastes > Organic waste, leftovers > Waste oil, waste oil containers, starter batteries > Paper and data carriers shredding, etc The scope of waste disposal management can be used both partially or as a whole system. Specialized operators who provide the necessary qualification and knowledge, will be engaged only. © INTERSEROH PR / 1 Services

10 Cartridge Operation Collection system for emptied ink jets and toner cartridges from printers, copying and telefax machines Free-of-charge supply and pick-up of collection boxes Cleaning and classification of modules and trasport to refillers Convinient for offices where empties modules do appear, e.g. in trade, craftman- shops, commerce, industry or local authorities Since early 2002: About schools have been participating in the project Die Grüne Umwelt-Box in schools Acqusition of BEZ-operation business Quantity 2004: 2.5 Mio cartridges © INTERSEROH PR / 1 Services

11 Success Factors (1) INTERSEROH Network Network for collection of waste packaging and products all over Germany by cooperation with more than 600 qualifyed waste disposal operators. Network for collection of steel and metals scrap all over Germany. Own processing plants.. Network for collection of waste and residual wood in important German regions. Own processing plants by joint-ventures. European network under construction. Important locations : > CDI-Gruppe (France) > PADEC und Sanglier (Belgium) > EVA (Austria) Ausblick © INTERSEROH PR / 1 Outlook

12 Success Factors (2) INTERSEROH Network Waste Disposal Services All business activities by ISD INTERSEROH GmbH come up to 2.4 million service operations within a year or 1,250 operation per working hour. Material-Flow-Management According to the bulk purchasers needs thousands of small material quantities are bundled to real material flows in industrial terms. By networking means, e.g. providing paper mills with waste paper or residual wood. Monitoring Every operation will be comprehensibly organized, coordinated, registered and invoiced. Ausblick © INTERSEROH PR / 1 Outlook

13 RAW MATERIAL QUANTITIES Geschäftsjahr 2002 © INTERSEROH PR / 1 Business year 2003 Waste Paper t Waste Wood t Plastics t Kraft Paper Sacks t Metal Scrap t Steel Scrap t Compounds t Other Secondary Raw Materials t

14 Turnover in Million EURO Geschäftsjahr 2002 © INTERSEROH PR / 1 Business year INTERSEROH GROUP736,7654,2369,5394,7283,6253 Services and Raw Material Trade226,2235,6211,1269,2186,7154,2 Steel and Metal Recycling 510,5418,6158,4125,596,998,7

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